Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Titus Luxor - Cherry Tree (1989) Exclusive for Pnf!

I know Titus Luxor from his comments to this blog and many blogs, He is one of the type of person that makes blogger friends happy, because he owns this places with being part of it. He is a mechanical engineer with a big passion to music, and he also recorded some good music from 80s to todays. First we should think about, why we produce music? In most cases the answer might be, to pass feelings to one another. Sometimes its hard to pass, because words over sometimes. things over..Sometimes you cant express and when you see a picture you feel something like: Thats it! You listen something, and it speaks for you: Thats it! and sometimes you cant find even one song to express, and you make your own. Whatever it is there will always be a collective value for music, and it always need to be shared by listeners. In that case there is no protection other than listeners. When we turned back to this album, Its made in late 80s, So we shouldnt be suprise for 80s background at album. 80s was a lab, for the artists who wanted to produce their own sounding, and with the rise of technology they were successful. On those days, artists who has the instruments (sound samplers to synth generators, orgs to drumming machines) created really cool things. But the prices of this technology was really high for the most of the musicians. If we forget about 80s, this is because we got way better technology right now.

While a 4 channel 8bit sampler/mixer was some thousand of dollars, today we got 128channel 24bit soundcards as low as 100dollar. This is a great existence for musicians and music lovers. Of course who can put a little bit of his/her spirit and view from his/her world will have the success. In that matter we have an original album here. that gives hints about all this facts! This is a nice enjoyful album, especially friends addicted to 80s will enjoy this album more! Thanks a lot to my friend to give me a chance to introduce this album to you :)

from himself;
Hello, my name is Titus Luxor. If you have made it this far - welcome to my world!OK it's low-fi, it was recorded in 1989 in my spare bedroom (a tiny box)I never had very good equipment nor the talent to play/produce these songs as I would have liked.Just a burning desire to make music.I made several albums up to 1990 (there's one more after this) then I joined a friend's band for a few yearsto get the 'playing live' thing out of my system.Since then I have been pretty dormant.Last year however I bought a brand new 16 track digital studio.Ain't done much yet, but I'm planning a comeback album.Amazing to think it is now 17 years since my last effort!T.L. May 2007

Going Nowhere



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link: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=CAWHL01K

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Good one Titus-Lets see more original music happening around here!

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Hi, friends!
I invite you to share prog-music!

My blog 'Rare & Vintage' unexpectedly was ruined and has dissolved...
But, please, visit my new place - lossless-forum of the same old name at the address:

See you there, friends!

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Thanks a lot

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