Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Dague - "Pop Occitana" {France} (1974) prog folk

MMm After visiting Scandinavia let we go to France to taste some Breton folk, If bands like Gwendal is your first choice to listen for folk rockin, then this one is for you! I couldnt find any info around, So infos welcome. One of a hidden treasure.

side A..

Enjoy! :)


nahavanda said...


jacruz said...

thanks ! the kind of obscure gems that I like to discover.

keep on naha !

Εσάρ Σεβεντιουάν said...

This looks really obscure and deliscious! Thanks

Anonymous said...

well looks like all RapidShare links don't work...anyone else havin' similiar problems?

Sad. Like most "Music Lovers" here, i only download long out-of-print/unavailable titles. Otherwise, i would never hear them.

arbor said...

awesome post! More like this please

screw those people deleting your links, if it wasn't for blogs like yours these groups risk being forgotten (and who would want that??!!)

dnanar said...


I discovered this really good site while looking for some prog music on google. Thanks a lot of for all your job guys, and continue !

Maybe some precision on the band : "Pop occitana" comes from "occitanie" (do you know the shop "L'occitane" ? ;-) wich is a region of france (South of france, next to the meditarrean sea, around "Toulouse" and a bit "Marseille"). Furthermore, i reckon that the singer is speaking "provencal" which is a "dialect" of the region (i'm living in French Riviera, so I suppose this because i already heard some provencal :-). So I doubt it comes from "Bretagne" as you said (it's not to make a kind of lesson about france, only to precise the "context" of the album :-)

Anyway, i don't know if i'm asking too much, but is it possible to have the name of the songs please ? :D because there's no ID3Tag or whatsoever, and i didn't find anything on google :s

Thanks in advance,
Nanar Duff.

Zombi hippie said...

thank you for all your jobs!!! 10000 thank you!!!...excelent blog!!!


nahavanda said...

hello Nanar, unfortunately i couldnt reach the song information :( really good album to search for more information!

thanks a lot for the wishes,

ps. i love to listen french prog folk with similar tastes, any recomendations are very welcome!

have nice days

dnanar said...

ok naha, thanks anyway for making me discover so many new exciting bands (i just discovered Eros, Ship of fools, Moondog and ... wow ! so many great stuff !) :D

And... it's not exactly the same style of music, but from the same region there's a local famous Jazz fusion band, "Rosco il est content" (Rosco he is happy). You can listen some extract of songs here : (and in their myspace : )

I saw them in concert but i do not still have their cd (which i hope to have soon !)

nanar duff.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

ahah awesome album. Do not care that much for the singer, she reminds me of Dagma Crause(too lazy to look up spelling). Great album though.

Anonymous said...

About Occitania (The Land)

Occitania is actually the South of France. It is the place where Occitan is spoken (only by old people, what a shame). occitan or Oc langage is a latin langage. This country is far different from the rest of France. It is a gallish and Latin place.(while The north and Paris are a gallish (celtic) and Frank (german) place. Occitania was the Same country than Catalonia (Barcelona in Spain). In the XIII century a terrible crusade conquested half of occitania and gave it to the crown of France, because a new religion began to flourish there. Protected by the mountain, the south of occitania (catalonia). Sorry for my poor english.

avantgarterbelt said...

OMG, what a great album...this is the most perfect fusion of folk and rock music that's ever crossed my ears. And I absolutely ADORE the vocalist. I'm extremely grateful for allowing us the chance to partake- I'll be listening to this for many days on end. Thank you!!!

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