Wednesday, January 09, 2008


Today is one of the happiest day for me, and i want to say: We Love you so much Shawn Gordon! We really love you so much because you are honest, because you are brave, because you are as yourself in the comments!

Do you know whom you upset more? You upset your eldergiant music industry bosses! You are a clean person; while many of this bosses tries to garant some piece of income to your itunes clone, you break the hearts of these persons with telling your honest views in comments!

Do you know the fact? Your eldergiant bosses can not be brave as much as you do! Instead they take some lawyer companies to face with difficulties(!) and they cant do this very often, because they need us! Let me try to tell you with a different view;

Perhaps today, the most successfull social music place is "" This is the success of engineers who used slide rulers to mathlab, statics that you can never imagine to many kinds of different experiments. Its a paradox that is something like casino. They give you free coins to play with, at the end of the day you put some from your income to that pool! Those guyz genius! because if you take a person and you try to create a statics..he will get rid of
it at the end of the day. They found a way, they found a database tech, that you dont really need to do something special. Meanwhile you can buy albums if you like and if you even like there are tons of rapid links in the forums waiting you for free!! This is why i am calling it a paradox! they have always a leak! because they need to create a "need" to make this albums to sell! Because human is a social being! He/She needs to share with his/her feelings. He needs to share his ideas. She needs to discuss for the things. At that time we need something magical, that is more than words and as old as human being: music! and you need a common music (band,artist) to pass your feelings to one another. For example for psych/prog lovers Pink Floyd is a kind of silent agreement. Let we turn to now. Do you see 2 advertisements at the very bottom side of the page? These ads are inlay ads. Not ads of Google. Look them carefully because 4-5 years later they will be the stars! 5million ppl see it at the same time, at the other side we are screaming from our blogs to tentothousands! Please dont take music industry that only consists of Cds. You got hats to got tickets to got cuppas to vclips.. In this paradox they also found different ways not to face with the pressure of alternative voices by inviting people to a knowledge challange with small widgets like (mainstream o meter) (last fm open mind index) you got what i mean? (by the way we as prognotfrog also at there is no offend to the users of and those widgets, but thats the truth we believe, this place also has some social benefits to the ppl like many web 2.0 places) We can tell you many more places like, it was just an example!

Today Mr Shawn Gordon (aka upset these bosses! He is young successfull businesman, he will learn how the machine works.. probably it will take sometime. In his comments from his honesty we learned a lot of things! If we scream for years to the friends about the facts of how mainstream music industry goes on, we can not have the success that today Mr Shawn Gordon garanted to us. First please take a look at where you have been. No No..Just take a look at the name at adressbar! then please take a look at the motto. You feel something? This is an ideological blog! This is an ideological blog but you cant see anywords that shows a way to people to one direction. If everything was ok, why people visits those places?

You are a 250gig harddisk rapidshare clone Mr Agent Gordon!

Your motivation is being a Cop of the artists that you distrubute, you think by preventing a rapid link, you guarantee 25% income over artists. Thats your business model Mr Young Agent Gordon!

You have a good faith to believe oneday hungry people for music, coincidally write to adress bar something like or the possibility of a death at an accident while crossing the road is 1/5million. If people live 5million years, people mostly may dead because of an accident. got me Mr Businessman Gordon?

You came to the forum at 15 december. I cant say its a legal forum, but i cant say its illegal too. Because Every new comer uploads albums like Led-Zep, PF, KC! Infact if you write to google something like "Pink Floyd Rapidshare" in first page you will see at least 5-6 results!! Thats not our problem, This guy (new comer) sends a signal like: "I am like you!" His eyes lights up! eventough he knows it can be found, he wanted to be sure that he is in the right place! Do you want us to ban them? No! We are for coming together! After You came to the forum, you behave all the people like pirates! You didnt see %95 of the bands, that even you have the money you can not able to buy them!! Your motivation is being a cop! that makes you happy to provoke people with treating them as pirates. If you were the music lover, if you were the true lover of prog; instead of working to delete the links, you might try to taste them!!

You have an idea of the Artists & Bands that you deleted from here Mr Agent Gordon? Shut the fu*k up! Our links havent deleted before. It was you! and only you! who find rights to delete the works of artists! We didnt send any of your artists; because we even dont know them to send! and you prevent a piece of love to your own artists!

In here "Good" Artists & Bands met with "Good" Listeners in comments! We never bring artist's comments to front! Because it was our philosophy that you can not understand! But this time you provoke us! here are some of the recent ones: (1,2,3,4,5,6,7......)

Finally i want to tell our community have been hurt!

We request a written excuse from Shawn Gordon ( to send for showing a community, its lovers, friends, artists to a strange position with his attacks..

Meanwhile we ask friends to put this tiny sticker to blogs, social places like myspace, facebook, and the places that they wish to warn people about the happenings...digg

We will distrubute the sticker till we get an excuse from the person himself.

We really would like to know if your artists also has the same opinion, after reading your comments on previous post. We wish you goodluck with your business!

We will always believe "being" instead of "having"