Saturday, March 08, 2008

Dickens "Royal Incarnation" {France} [1969] (Psych,Guitar, Organ)

Deep inside my computer I found this masterpiece. An extermley rare record with the France group Dickens. I don't know what to compare with maybe Doors and Iron Butterfly? But these guys are heavier. And the music are sometimes really ghostly. I can imagine that they listen a lot to the underground groups in the US cause they don't sound so european accept for the song.
If someone got any information about the group tell me. If you like organ and guitar driven psych this is something for you.


Andre Chabloz - vocals
Jean-Claude Tissot - guitars
Jacques Minary - keyboards
Jean-Claude Bertin - bass
Serge Baumer - drums

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Best wishes from Sweden

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DJman said...

This is a good music. I like it!

Love=Hell, Space=Acid said...

A new link

Anonymous said...

can someone repost the link? both dead. this is amazing music!

gorehound13 said...

please repost this great lp.been looking for this for ages.
thanks a lot

70s_spirit-special said...

hey gorehound13, only let you know, one is offered in net, search at ebay for item number:
seller offered it for Euro 799,-,
to much for my own, but may be you can pay it,

Andrew said...

Yes, can you upload this one again? The link is dead, and the MP3 sample is terrific.

SonnyEvol said...

No joy with link. PLEASE repost!!

Anonymous said...


This album seems terrible, but the link is broken. Can you post it again, please ? Thanks again for all these gems...


Anonymous said...

We All needs you repost this one.
Could you?

Aaron said...

would anyone like to share this one again. really too bad I missed it!

Aaron said...

Yes, can you upload this one again? The link is dead

luisman said...

Anonymous said...

very good music

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