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Eardance - Seek Opposites (1982 Avant Jazz-Rock)

It's nice album what was released on private and as i know only for 100 copies. It's in style of avantgarde and jazz rock sometimes influenced by zappa or Firpp but its very good album by that by that very unknown chicago band.


Jaded (5:56)
Movers And Shakers (5:01)
Words Gone By (4:05)
Seek Opposites (4:23)
Pawn Shop (3:16)
Steel Eyes (2:36)
Nada Fuera (3:38)
Russian Dragon (5:28)
Least Resistance (4:24)

Label: Touch Records (5)
Catalog#: T-1000
Format: Vinyl, LP, Album
Country: US
Released: 1982
Genre: Jazz, Rock
Style: Avantgarde
Credits: Artwork By [Eardance Drawing] - Paul Caster
Artwork By [Graphic Design] - Jack White
Bass [Stick®], Bass, Guitar, Clarinet, Synthesizer, Piano [Prepared Piano], Vocals - Jim Jacobsen
Bassoon, Congas, Tabla, Claves, Drums [Log Drum], Vocals - Dixie Treichel
Composed By, Arranged By, Lyrics By - Eardance , Jim Jacobsen
Drums [Drum Set], Vibraphone [Vibes], Xylophone [Xylorimba], Timbales, Glockenspiel, Cymbal [Crotales], Triangle, Castanets [Castinets], Drums [Log Drum], Vibraslap [Jaw Bone], Percussion [Whip], Tambourine, Maracas, Cabasa [Afuché], Claves - Homero Cerón
Engineer - Paul 'The Clock' Berolzheimer*
Lead Vocals - Russ Berger
Mixed By [Assistance During Mix] - Jeff Palmer (2) , Joe Daniels (2) , Paul Klingberg , Tom Hanson
Other [Sanity Maintenance And Idea Refinement] - Adam Padua
Piano, Synthesizer, Vocals - David Cornel
Producer - Jim Jacobsen , Mike Harkins , Paul Berolzheimer
Notes: • Recorded at Rainbow Bridge and SY Studios;
• Mixed at Chicago Recording Co, Pierce Arrow Recorders, and Universal Recording;
• Mastered at JVC Cutting Center;
• Paul Berolzheimer and Mike Harkins of Electric Fantasy Productions.
• Manufactured by Touch Records, a division of
Eardance Ltd., 1513 N. NorthPark Av., Chicago, IL 60610

Comes with printed inner sleeve reading lyrics, credits and band member photographs.

Promotional copies will have gold print:
"Lent for Promotional Use Only. Any Sale or Unauthorized Transfer is Prohibited and Void. Subject to Return Upon Demand by Owner. Acceptance of This Record Constitutes Agreement to the Above."

Thanks to origynal Ripper

Words Gone By


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Hello Ricsi!Ez tényleg avantgarde stílusú ,de még a hallgatható kategória,nekem tetszik!
Köszönet érte!
Sithlord Magyarországról

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Ricsi said...

Thanks for enjoyying

Igen szerintem avantgarde nem a legjobb stilus de ez a lemez elegge etlagos :) keresre foltettem

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It seems the file was deleted.

The message "Forbidden to be shared" appeared on my screen.

Bad Luck.



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Thanks... :)

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deleted again, please repost

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Evil link reporting trolls are getting too fast :(

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thx anonymus :D

GanjaStar said...

track2 is corrupt. downloaded twice :(

Kevin said...

Thanks for posting this. I am definitely down with avant rock/free jazz styles. Can't wait to listen to it.

Peace, Kevin

Anonymous said...

Could someone please reupload track A2? It is corrupted. Thanks!

mharkins said...

Although I was one of the producers of this album (at the age of 22), Jim Jacobsen was the mastermind behind this project (with his college U of Wisconsin-Madison friends). My (then) Electric Fantasy Productions business partner, Paul Berolzheimer, did a brilliant job with the engineering/audio production. Obvious Influences were King Crimson, Talking Heads, Frank Zappa, Steve Reich, etc. I believe we pressed 1,000 LPs on Jacobsens "Touch Records" indy label.

Eardance was comprised of the most talented and eclectic group of musicians we had the privilege of recording during that era. Jacobsen taught himself Fripps style of guitar playing and he also mastered the Chapman Stick in just a few weeks (leading up to the start of "Seek Opposites" recording sessions.)

While we were mixing some of the tracks for this album (at Pierce Arrow Recorders in Evanston, IL), Cheap Trick was laying down tracks (in an adjacent studio) with legendary producer, Roy Thomas Baker for their "One On One" album. including the recording of their smash hit "I Want You".

What are some of the reasons this album didnt receive more attention, sales and distribution? 1) It was produced & released independantly in Chicago by newbies in our early to late 20s. 2) Prog Rock was out of vogue in the early 80s (new wave, punk, power pop & hair/glam metal ruled the charts & A interest. 3) Eardance was too eclectic for mainstream interest. 4) In 1982, there was no: MySpace, Facebook, the Blogosphere, iTunes, Rhapsody, uTube, AOL, live365, jango, AOL, Napster, livewire, Kazaa or imesh to find its core audience.

haskpts said...

Eardance had the guts to play freely ... disregarding geting a'hit"for the radio. Give it up to them and alo get it released on CD - there are enough people to buy 500-1,000 copies if placed in a search engine.

Anonymous said...

link is dead

John Baker said...

Kudos to that gang, including mharkins. So nice to hear coolness such as this... copy I saw had 'demo' sparked on it, so was not a distributed one. pity, this would have lit up all of the folks I was hanging out with at that time.

It would be fine with me if this corner of the Prog world returned more deeply into the likes of Spock's Beard - who are into the Great Wall of (Prog) Sound and only sometimes get down into the reeds where this is thriving.

There's a hint of where math rock was headed towards here, too (Battles? Gordian Knot?) but there just isn't enough. Thank you, Ricsi, for sharing it!

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