Friday, March 07, 2008

Jazz Celula - Oheň až Požár

Jazz Celula was one of best slovakian Jazz Rock bands, it included the great star Laco Déczi on trumpet, thats Their first and last album

A1Filip Samonil6:03
A2Desatero řemesel3:45
A3Zmoklá voda5:25
B2Do toho4:06
B4Oheň až požár6:43



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Hello Ricsi! this is awesome!thx!
Sithlord from Hungary

DarkHorse (Oracus) said...

Risci, what a jazz rock monster is that??? INCREDBLE STUFF! I'm speachless! Slovakian Jazz Rock for the win!

Thank you so much my friend!

Anonymous said...

this file seems to be undownable could you please check? thank you so much for your rare posts

Ricsi said...

it working you have to wait 25 seconds and then it will open you the download link from

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Lou Kash said...

Well oh well oh well, what a mess. Let's get a couple of facts straight, boys and girls:

1) Jazz Celula, aka Jazz Cellula, was a Czechoslovak group. In fact, from the eight core members only Laco Déczi was of Slovak origin, and he lived in Prague since the mid 1960s. So calling them even a "Czech" group wouldn't be inappropriate at all... :)

2) Oheň až požár was actually sort of their second album, the first one being Pietoso released as "Laco Déczi & The Cellula Quintet" in 1969 (pretty heavy stuff close to free jazz...). Jazz Cellula also released a third album "Laco Déczi - Jazz Cellula" in 1977 on Opus - slightly more disco-fied, but still groovy. And there's also the EP "Mini jazz klub 21" from 1979 on Panton.

3) ALL members of this group were at the SAME TIME members of the Jazz/Dance Orchestra of the Czechoslovak Radio Prague, aka JOČR/TOČR. Especially as TOČR they play likely on MORE Czech records than anyone else. Only from the 1970s I have over 100 records (7" and LPs) with TOČR backing pop singers. And they have released several jazz/funk albums as JOČR as well, which was sort of like Jazz Cellula plus a large horn section (i.e. a jazz big band).

Happy digging...

P.S. please visit Funky Czech-In for more info on Czechoslovak music.

Anonymous said... And it is worth mentioning that you can buy CD here: I loved their music at the same level as music from Herbie Hancock, Joe Zawinul, Miles Davis or Miroslav Vitous. Also you should hear the other individuals' names: tb - Svatopluk Kosvanec, dr - Josef Vejvoda, ts- Petr Kral, g - Zdenek Sarka Dvorak, p - Karel Ruzicka, b - Petr Korinek, perc - Josef Tomek. The fact is that this record (Oheň až požár = Fire if not conflagration) is their best one

arthur bongolian said...

please check the downloading link!!! thanks!

arthur bongolian said...

please check the downloading link!!! thanks

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please check the downloading link!!! thanks

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