Sunday, March 16, 2008

Amber - Pearls of Amber (1971 Folk Rock)

Review from Geocities:
Amber were MacLeod and Julian McAllister, both friends and contemporaries of Donovan on the early 60s St. Albans folk scene. This 10" collects the only extant studio tapes of the band, recorded in the early 70s during a period that saw the band playing regularly around London. The strapline on the sleeve reads "acoustic music that derives from folk and blues with a touch of psychedelia" which is true as far as it goes but gives too much significance to the blues, not enough to the occasional immensity of McAllister's vocal and none at all to the importance of the sitar in the mix. The lilting glory of "Sea Shell Rock Me" (appearing in two versions) is the highlight. The song is basically a folk love song which coils in around itself in time to a beautiful winding sitar line and reminds of all the possibilities music seemed to offer 30 years ago.

Band Members:
Mac Macleod (Lead Guitar, Tabla, Sitar, Percussion, Backing Vocals)
Julian McAllister (Guitar, Lead Vocals)
Ray Cooper (Tabla on Side A)

Side A:
Sea Shell Rock Me
White Angel
Swan In The Evening

Side B:
Sing On The Sunlight
Sea Shell Rock Me (Alt. Version)
Earlie In The Morning

Big thanks to Fozzy Bear

Sea shell rock me


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Hi. I've been waiting a long time for this one. Wonderful stuff. Thanks for sharing! I've also just downloaded Rohan's Horn (not heard it yet, though). Any chance of more rare Swedish stuff? I'd love to hear Hans Lundin's pre-Kaipa: San Michael’s - s/t (1971).
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you can find San Michaels and many swedish rarities at pnf forum

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