Tuesday, March 25, 2008

My wishlist, is here someone who can help me with it?

Thats my 10 most wanted album:
2. Avaric - Stances De L'Impossible 1983
another and last 4th album by that band, it really exists only known copy was sold for 10 euro last year on musea
3. Emily Bindiger - Emily 1971
Album released in France by american singer which was only 16 years old and french pop/folk rock band Dynastie Crisis, its in psychadelic style with lots of flute, i can send tracklist too but not the tracks :)
4. Crafty Hands - Crafty Hands 1982
That is band which was formed after Yezda Urfa disbanded and 90% of artists are same, it have to be in style of yezda urfa
5. Blues Pilz - Eyes Don't Lie 1979
Private released german album, one of the best blues prog rock albums ever they have second album Journey To Somewhere what i heard is not really good but if you have it please send it :)
6. Pumpkin - Pumpkin 1975
Another top of the tops albums, all i know they are from dutch and they played violin and keyboard influence jazz rock and someone said that its one of bests
9. Dynastie Crisis - Dynastie Crisis 1970
One of first french prog rock bands. they have 3 albums and two selftitled the Dynastie Crisis II from 1972 i already have i searching for that selftitled from 1970
8. Tarbaby - Tarbaby 1974
US private press Blues Hard Rock jam session, only few copies was made of that album hope someone have it for share
9. Fred Van Zegveld - Hammond Organ Dynamite 1969
One of the best prog psych album ever, i heard only one track from one compilation and it was KILLAH hope someone will find it.
10. Unikuva - Sessions or Sessions - Unikuva
Obrázok “http://static.rateyourmusic.com/album_images/s861926.jpg” sa nedá zobraziť, pretože obsahuje chyby.
That album have two names two artworks here is the second
its finnish blues rock session very obscure but as i heard 3 tracks its great, thanks zantalacruz for the single lp

and here is my full wishlist about 250 albums:
Ricsi Belans wishlist
I will be so happy if you find me an album it dont have ti be from the most important i will be happy if it will be some from all these albums
btw my mail:

Thanks for all your help and effort
Cheers Ricsi


Fabrikkk said...

Avaric was posted in 2007 on first pages of:
You can request here

esmenard.victor said...

Here is the link :)


Ricsi said...

many thanks for checking it friend, but its anther mistake that is the compilation from 1988 the selftitled have that tracklist:
A1 En mes pays quand on me trouve en repos 3:25
A2 Belle qui tiens ma vie 5:10
A3 Nous étions trois camarades 4:20
A4 Réveillez-vous Picards 6:00
A5 Tres morillas 3:10
B1 Si le roi m'avait donné 3:10
B2 Baladilla de los tres rios 6:40
B3 Je suis jongleur de vielle 6:40
B4 Out in the Garden 4:15
B5 Il est donc mort ce grand bourbon 4:30

but many thanks for effort and checking, that compilation is everywhere adn everyone sharing it as selftitled album its big mistake Asbjornsens book saying same as I

but many thanks

ribeirorock said...
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ribeirorock said...

que che den o que lle dan as cabras.

na cabeza cornos e en outro lado cajallas

Anonymous said...


prog-not-frog room


Anonymous said...

blueslovers hub

please reg and down...


Anonymous said...

acá encontras lo iten "Fred Van Zegveld - Hammond Organ Dynamite 1969".


Walter said...

Avaric was posted in 2006: http://ezhevika.blogspot.com/2006/07/avaric-same-1979.html


Anonymous said...

Helo Ricsi!
Greetings from Komarom ;-)

Ricsi said...

the avaric which was posted on ezhevika blog is the compilation too :) i got it from here, i searching for their selftitled with tracklist i posted upper

Greetings from Zselíz

arbor said...

Hope you find the Avaric and Emily albums, they are on my wish list too,
take care


Anonymous said...

last comment in ->

Anonymous said...

The Fred van Zegveld album can be ordered here (transferred to cd): http://www.fonos.nl/?domain=fonos2/store&request=detail&type=view&spd=fonos2%2Fstore&spr=browse&spt=view&index=dn-dz&index_type=titles&item=260&catalogue_key=13221

Anonymous said...

que tal si diez amigos de prog not frog se juntan para comprar entre todos el album de van zegveld para ofrecerle una copia a belan?

Anonymous said...

Crafty Hands not like Yezda Urfa. more commercial sounding art pop. its good record, but dont expect Boris. i would not smash down doors to get a copy ya know?

Ricsi said...

is here any chance how to get copy of Crafty Hands

or its you Lars?

Anonymous said...

you really think lars would give you advice on an album?

Ricsi said...

i dont know hehe :)

Anonymous said...

Hi it's sherlock holmes here again :)

The numbers of your requests on your wantlist is
2,3,4,5,6,9,8,9,10 :D:D

Anonymous said...

Hi, this site is wonderful, i love it!! Some days ago you made a post about Solstice and Quartz, ex L'Orchestre Sympathique members album, but this, L'OS is lost :S i've spent some months looking for it, and finally i've leave this chance as lost. Can you please repost it or just repair the dead link?? It's live-or-death matter. Best wishes from Spain ,)


If you are still interested for Blues Pilz-Eyes Don't Lie 1979 here you can get it.


and tell if i can ask you for Re-up Thanks for every think you do.

isabelbc said...

Blue Spilz -> http://netkups.com/?d=e50980d3b7461

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