Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Biomechanoid (ex Brainticket - Switzerland 1980)

Hi folks,
this is my first post on PNF. (thanks Ricsi! for inviting me)
You all know Brainticket, and their classic space-prog lps such as "Celestial Ocean"... Their leader Joel Vandroogenbroeck was author of a bunch of library lps during the 80's, among them this is the first and probably best one.
Dark, strange, disturbing soundscapes, the obscure side of Brainticket, proving how Joel V. was still a creative artist - as well as his fellow Swiss painter H. R. Giger, who is the author of the cover.

Strange Lady

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Someone acted fast.. maybe it's best to use somewhere other than RS.

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Please reupload West India Company : 'Music From New Demons' 1989

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Maravilhoso Post!

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Misery it's too late, the link is dead. Could you re-up this unknow Brainticket who seems so interesting ? (thanks for all your jobs here).


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new link http://netkups.com/?d=bc0b0c44dfc18

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