Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Hi folks! Been some time, i was working with friends for our upcoming place MunjX, and was busy with the things that days bring. Meanwhile i had ability to discover some new music, and places. Nowadays in real life i am building a network for a local company, and i go to nearby cities for configuration of computers, so most of my time goes on the roads. I got a cheap car with a brand new audio system, for beeing 30 years member of appartment people family, its some kind of refreshy freedom to play loudly, and over and over on the car. Today i want to introduce some of them to you.

Grovjobb is one of my favorite bands from the scene of Sweden, playing 70's like prog folk rock. While browsing our friends in myspace, i noticed a musician. It was Simon Jensen, played flute in groovjob albums and many solo projects. it is really great to listen him. later i found my self in his site, there are some tracks available to listen/download on his site. i have a strong feeling that, all of us find something special to enjoy Simon's work. feel free to pop in for discovery :)

further more:


Poland has been a base for great Jazz/Fusion. I have some friends addicted to hear and collect polish jazz lps. i can understand their addiction because most of the titles deserves a good place at our ears, here we got an album from polish new scene, album called Pig Inside the Gentleman. (thanks to Stoon)

for more

Million Faces..

Cant remember the time, maybe a year ago, my friend manelis sent me their first album. I was impressed for their music, and i introduced their first album from the blog. Now they got brand new album: Elephant. what wait you in album is some great mixture of ethno fusion, greek folk with a nice nostalgic mood. (thanks to manelis)

related post: http://prognotfrog.blogspot.com/search?q=kontrabando
band site: http://www.kontrabando.gr/index2en.htm


and some news & places;

* Venezuellan progressive rock band TEMPANO's new album will be released from musea records, The album name is Selective Memory. I had the ability to listen some tracks on it. and it is a promising album for the lovers of new sound of progressive rock.
There are more news & events on the road at PNF. The coverart will be: http://www.prognotfrog.com/memoria_selectiva_cover.jpg
and their site; http://tempano.com

* i downloaded a while ago, QUEEN ELEPHANTINE & ELDER's latest split album from http://clfrecords.com/ Its a great stoner psych, it is an enjoyful trip. there are many artists/bands in clfrecords pool waiting us to hear.

* Check out some rare and original blues albums recently discovered by the Blues Legacy Trust. Artists include Muddy Waters, Howlin’ Wolf, Sonny Boy Williamson, Sister Rosetta Tharpe and many more at http://www.blueslegacy.net It is suprising to listen well known artists undiscovered songs, its for blues lovers and this site has got some answers.

* here is a site focused mainly danish music, there are many nice samples on the site, the owner of the site seems a true zappa lover :) (thanks to zantaclaus) http://www.karma.dk/

these are the sites,music,news that i am recently in touch with that i wanted to share with all the friends here.

Umm see you soon & be well!


DarkHorse said...

Great to hear some news from you!
Conteporary Noise Quintet sounds really interesting, worth checking out bands like that! Thanks and hope to hear about you soon :-)


Flora said...

I don't know TEMPANO, please put one track in player.





Anonymous said...

Hi Flora,

Tempano is if not the best, one of the best ever bands to come out from Latin America.

Look for the agony and the ecstasy for a feel of 21rst century prog.

If you are into the 70's , then go to their site www.tempano.com , they are giving for free their new release, mostly tunes from the 70's, a full download of great music.

Anonymous said...


You have got a nice blog. There is a problem though. I couldn't find any way to search your archive. It's annoying to manually go through several months. Please add a search box to the layout of your blog. Here is a link to a ordinary search box that you can add to your Blogger layout.

How To Add Search Box

Flora said...

I will ckeck it!

Thanks a lot


Anonymous said...

Just discovered this post. I would ask you to remove a download links for Jazz Orkestar Radio-Televizije Beograd as this album is still available at my site: http://cosmicsounds-london.com/label/cs-34/cs-34.html and at some other shops.
I hope you understand that.
Zeljko Kerleta

Anonymous said...

hi, the link is removed

Flora said...

I listened album "Selective Memory"

Very good album!!


My fav track is "05 The Farmers"

Thanks a lot for sharing!!!


Anonymous said...

thanks naha!
Simon is great!

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