Saturday, April 26, 2008

Emily Bindiger - Emily (1971 French Acid Folk)

Thats was one of the biggest rarities and now its just up to you if you want it

Emily. Her name is Emily Bindiger. Recorded that album with Dynastie Crisis when she was 16 years old. She now singing pop and playing in musicals she had Grammy award nomination for one her album don't know why her first lp (THAT) is losted she too not tulk much about it in her bio is not mentioned too. thats her myspace page: in her slideshow is artwork of her album too

on gemm is available to buy that LP for 200 dollar

The album is hreat part of my folk psych colection one of the best. Her voice is so good that i never heard for so young girl (16) so nice and clear voice. The songs are very nice too and all except one are made by she. The music is mainly vocals piano acoustic guitar and flute and these instruments making that album a real MASTERPIECE i still must listen and listen it again and again its an album i recommend to all acid psych folk lovers just its hard to find and expensive
The best track? Truly the B3 - Old Lace Its just flute and acoustic guitar sometimes with guitar but its one of best songs i every heard it taking me to 7th heaven. If you listen to it one time you must again and again the flutist on it is great he really know how to play flute as Ian Andersons yes that songs sometimes reminds me the Folkish Jethro Tull that song is real masterpiece its a must listen if any interestings i can send some samples if someone want

To Emily Bindiger:
Hi Emily
If you see it i can just hope so. I want to thnak you that way for making that album and all effort with it. The album is one of my most favorite albums. Your vocals are so lovely and you looked as the nicest girl

Kinda Regard
Richard (

Very big thanks for music to: Thomas and for LP Scans to: Gildas!!!

Old Lace 'to John'


Ricsi said...

Anonymous said...

Very nice... some of this reminds me a little of the spinoff Jefferson Airplane stuff (Blows Against The Empire, Sunfighter) happening around the same time. Not vocally of course, but in the arrangements and overall mood.

Misongod said...

I´m not a big fan of this kind of music. but specialy for you Ricsi, you are a FANTASTIC FELLOW

Anonymous said...

lol, Brichard, i supose you enjoy the same the Barney's album "The Last Adventure", hahahaha.

Lefouauflingue said...

woh..awesome... is she really 16?? what a voice!

and she's french?? whoawa.. it's a true jewel you posted here


Ricsi said...

She was not French just from his 16 years she lived in France for4 years. She is from USA.

And im just Richard not Brichard :) and what is Barneys Last Adventure? i dont think thats an album

FANTASY said...

Even if it's not really progressive music, I'm sure many proggers will love this one.
It's a very great album and I love Emily's voice and the flute playing on Old Lace ("to John").
This last track is a very great one.
Thousands of thanks Ricsi.
You bring us dreamy gems.

Anonymous said...

oh, I see that Ricsi is in love with the 16 girl! No way Ricsi! She must have 60 years now LOL

Anonymous said...

ohhhh and did you bring the soft cuchion and blanket ??

did mama tuck you in ??

ill give you one year cartoon network if you stop blogging stuff like emily lololol

mina said...

"ohhhh and did you bring the soft cuchion and blanket ?? did mama tuck you in ?? ill give you one year cartoon network if you stop blogging stuff like emily lololol"

what the hell is this anon talking about? i don't understand it at all. :/

anyway thank you for posting this rarity, rick. it's not mind-blowing for me but it's always cool to hear long forgotten albums. (:

5uhr said...

thanks brother!

aguila sideral said...

Thank you man!!!

proghog said...

Cheers from your hog... :-)

Anonymous said...

Link is dead... Can someone re-up it?

Lord Black boîte said...

yes, can you repost it, please
it looks great :)

Munju said...

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Jesus Bugs said...

Wow, great post!

I'm afraid the link is down again -- any chance for a reup?

Jesus Bugs said...

Never mind! I got it. Thanks!

Munju said...

hi Jesus Bugs,


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Anonymous said...

very cool, thanks man!


Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot for this wonderful album. - And yes, she is beautiful ;)


Anonymous said...

Great album!!! I love this stuff!!!

Anonymous said...

new link, please

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