Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Spjärnsvallet - "Spjärnsvallet" {Sweden} (1975) prog/free jazz

Spjärnsvallet a group of musicians including Bengt 'Beche' Berger (drummer and percussionist), Kjell Westling and Christer Bothén. A hot mix of musical idioms of India, Africa, Sweden and the U.S. "the name spjärnsvallet popped up in a dream, it was kjell westlings dream" kjell & bengt have played in arbete och fritid as well as many other constellations "instrumental jazzrock influenced from folkmusic all over the world" Colorful album, that everybody may find something special.

melOdieR FRaN SydindiEn..



nahavanda said...


jer0nim0 said...

Beautiful record! Thanks Proggie!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for all the great obscure material even though I already have most of it ;^D

One Request:

Energy - Energy (Swedish Jazz Rock from 1974)

1. Subtle Forces 5:02
2. Metarporphosis-Impressions 7:39
3. Up To Seven 5:29
4. Porta Marina 10:26
5. John 6:29


jaf said...


that's great.

jd said...

Blogspot sites are once again visible from within China, so I'm looking forward to seeing what's still available here. Starting with this one...

JF said...

Fiquei surpreendido com esta obra..
Parabens pelo post e excelente trabalho divulgador.

Εσάρ Σεβεντιουάν said...

What a record! One of the most exciting and emotional jazz albums I've heard in the last 5 years! I 'm not sure if there is anything prog on that magnificent piece of art, but I know for sure that this is one of the best uploads of prognotfrog.

A big big Thanks!


Gianni said...

thanks nahavanda!

I have energy lp. do u use soulseek - file sharing program?
we could meet there and exchange it.

Gianni said...

I am not good with file hosting programs.
anyway I tried to up-load ENERGY "energy" -1974 LP -
and I give a link for each track.
I remember I used to play track 3 "up to seven" at cosmicjazz clubs and a lot of people went crazy!
enjoy and sorry for the several links! I hope they'll work!

sleeve small size:

if someone (nahavanda) can put all the lp in one link :)

gyugi said...

many thanks :)

Anonymous said...

MediaFire worked splendidly & I was able to instantly move files to my own account as well as download! Sweet!

found a cool place to hear this type stuff streamed for free 24/7


Country & Eastern said...

Glad you like it. We are planning to release a few alternate takes and stuff this fall digitally. You will know it if you follow www.countryandeastern.se

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