Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Tempano - "Selective Memory" {Venezuela} (2008) (progressive rock) Exclusive!

What we got here is an exclusive, special album from Tempano for all of us! My thanks goes to Tempano to give me a chance to introduce this album to you. Tempano has completed the recordings of some music from the late seventies that will be included in the forthcoming album called " Memoria Selectiva" (Selective Memory), most of the music on the album has been released on projects like The Odyssey and The Seven Samurai, however, the songs will be edited in their original form and not in the same way as in the Suites for both projects. The additional music, 3 songs, has never been released, 2 of the songs are from the late 70's, one was recorded during February and March 2007.

from tempano;
Thanks for downloading " Selective Memory ". We hope you enjoy listening to our music. We wanted to give this record as a gift to all the people that have followed us in this long path through music and also to all of you that are discovering our music for the first time.

the songs are yours.

FaLLinG SenSes..
tHe faRmeRs..

further more;


John Doe said...

Thanks a lot Naha !

This is by far the best Latin American band in activity today.

A 70s band that returned to life at the end of the 90's .

This one is great, a return to their 70s roots.

Their decision to let this album run free and wild on the net shows that the band is moving on with the new times and realities.

If you were looking for a continuation in Style from The Agony and the ecstasy, that will come later on in the form of a brand new album announced in their site called "The whisper of the Blade" , Selective Memory revives themes from the 70's for the fans that never tired of the golden age of prog music.

Thanks Tempano.

Anonymous said...

thanks a lot!

Ricsi said...

Great thats so so good music much better then all your records, much appreciating that work of tempano band.

nahavanda said...

Anonymous said...

Gracias a Prog y a Tempano por lograr una difusion de la musica progresiva de calidad en estos tiempos actuales

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

I am very grateful for this album. Been a long time. I hope you'll come to the United States to play someday.

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