Monday, February 06, 2012

Azzy Fly (1976,Japan,HR,Psych,prog)

Azzy Fly (1976,Japan,HR,Psych,prog)

record number....LLX-3100

This is a  mysterious Japanese mega rare HR,psych,prog album. 
I know nothing about this band

Side 1 is HR side.
Side 2 is prog side.

Some say that this album is boring,but I don't think so,because the lyrics
are definitely druggy and weird,so this sound is enjoyable very much  with strange imagination.

This WAV file is not my rip from the LP.
Both track list and members are not known....
If you have any information,tell us ,please !

Side 1
1.  3:18
2.  3:05
3.  5:09
4:  3:15
5.  5:06
6.  4:07

7.  9:39
8.  7:22
9.  5:47



Shige said...



isabelbc said...

Great!!!! Shige!
I loved it!!! <3
Thank you very much!!

apps79 said...

fantastic share,much appreciated Shige!!!

K.L.I.R. said...

Amazing how you find these great gems Master Shige, thank you very much.

Misongod said...

I listened already a few times today and enjoy it immensely Thank you

DanP said...

Thanks, I'm definitely going to explore this!

josesimon said...

Many thanks, is unknown for me

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