Tuesday, February 21, 2012

George Gruntz - 2001 Keys Piano Conclave (1974)

After the last highly popular post with its pages and pages of comments we go back to the funky fusion everyone seems to love. An exceptional record featuring keyboardists George Gruntz, Joachim Kuhn, Jasper Van t'hof, Martial Soial, you know you can't go wrong with these talented musicians. Each track features one composition by one of the all-stars, you'll hear some outrageous funky riffs but also incredibly progressive passages, quite a bit of group improv. Kuhn reprises Intermission from his Association PC days. To me the highlight is "They're coming, they're coming" which starts slow and atmospheric with a rocket launch through dark dark space before hitting some streams of solar wind then building up to a huge thick sound with mellotronic strings, kaleidoscopic electric keys over a deep and slow bluesy riff, as if we're crashing at light speed through a star cluster in the centre of andromeda galaxy, in an incredible crescendo.

Thanks to the mighty osurec for this record. One must mention the ridiculous cover, possibly one of the worst any progressive record has ever had, ever. Stay tuned, we go back to northern Europe for more funky jazz-rock soon, before we revisit the US for aor and fusion, for forgotten chamber jazz-rock (my personal favourite sub-genre), back to switzerland for more soft sounds, and through it all we will hear from master shige with his rarities.

A1 Flight 6-2A-A5 5:03 - Written-By - Fritz Pauer
A2 For Dennis 5:48 - Written-By - Jasper Van't Hof
A3 They're Coming, They're Coming 6:38 - Written-By - Gordon Beck
B1 Suite For Harold (Dedicated To Harold Rhodes) 6:58 - Written-By - George Gruntz
B2 Intermission 10:53 - Written-By - Joachim Kühn

Arranged By - George Gruntz
Electric Piano - Fritz Pauer, George Gruntz, Gordon Beck, Jasper Van't Hof, Joachim Kühn, Martial Soial
Electric Pirno - Joachim Kühn
Executive Producer - Brigitte Frits, Johann Fritz
Harpsicord - Fritz Pauer, George Gruntz
Mellotron - Jasper Van't Hof
Organ - Gordon Beck
Piano - Fritz Pauer, George Gruntz, Gordon Beck, Joachim Kühn, Martial Soial
Producer - Frans Kabelka, Wilfried Schreib
Synthesizer - Fritz Pauer, George Gruntz
An ORF Production.
Directed By Stefan Prokesch
Engineerd By Hans Stanek

Edition And Direction Of The TV Production Frans Kabelka.

Flight 6 - 2A:

They're Coming:


Tristan Stefan said...
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RickK said...

I guess I am not as sophisticated as you are, because I thought your last post sucked. I didn't want to be rude, but since you asked, I answered, and I really apologize for liking this more pedestrian jazz rock.

Anonymous said...

Rapidshare is just impossible to download without premium account nowadays (seems to have slowed down massively this week, and repeatedly freezes up). Any chance of a re-up through somewhere else? Thanks!

Anonymous said...

It's ok, managed to get it eventually! Great stuff!

Morbus said...

@Anon Rapidshare has decreased the download speed for free users to 30kb/s. It sometimes may look like its forzen, but it will finish the download.... eventually :/

Anonymous said...

mediafire is still good, I will try and get this later though rapidshare is definitely the worst. Thanks though!

Tristan Stefan said...

don't forget, most people, the vast majority of people in fact, think all of these albums suck, most people think jazz sucks, most people think fusion sucks even more... musical taste is all over the place... actually, most humans (think developing world) don't even know anything beyond their local music

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