Wednesday, February 29, 2012

String Trio of New York - Common Goal 1982

Stunningly good and criminally underrated trio that performs composed chamber jazz. In the liner notes Duke Ellington's quote "beyond category" hugely applies to this ensemble.

Honestly, I cannot say enough good things about this band. It is a total mystery to me why music this beautifully composed and advanced is not played worldwide in the symphony concert halls that dot each city of the world with thousands of eager musical listeners. It is beyond ethically wrong that compositions so good are rare to the point of being sometimes impossible to find. (Not so much the case with these guys as with others, but the String Trio certainly suffers from being too unknown even among jazz circles.) I love these guys!!

I would be very happy if this post publicized the group so it could be better known everywhere.

From wikipedia:

"The String Trio of New York is an American jazz chamber ensemble.

The group was founded in 1977 by bassist John Lindberg, violinist Billy Bang, and guitarist James Emery. Though they initially worked on improvisational playing and on their own compositions, they eventually began taking on commissions, as well as doing arrangements of other jazz musicians' works. Their debut album was issued in 1979, and the group maintained the same lineup through 1986, when Bang left and was replaced by Charles Burnham. Burnham was replaced by Regina Carter after his departure in 1991, who then left in the mid-1990s. Diane Monroe then joined the group through 2001, after which Rob Thomas joined.


First String (Black Saint Records, 1979)
Area Code 212 (Black Saint, 1981)
Common Goal (Black Saint, 1982)
Rebirth of a Feeling (Black Saint, 1983)
Natural Balance (Black Saint, 1986)
As Tears Go By (Newedition, 1987)
String Trio of New York & Jay Clayton (West Wind Records, 1988)
Time Never Lies (Vintage Jazz, 1990)
Ascendant (Stash Records, 1991)
Intermobility (Arabesque Records, 1992)
Octagon (Black Saint, 1992)
Live Au Petit Faucheux (AA, 1993)
Blues...? (Black Saint, 1993)
An Outside Job (France 1993) (Radio France Tours, 1993)
With Anthony Davis (Music & Arts, 1996)
Faze Phour: A Twenty Year Retrospective (Black Saint, 1998)
Gut Reaction (Omnitone Records, 2003)
"Frozen Ropes (with Oliver Lake)" (Barking Hoop Recordings, 2005)


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