Friday, February 24, 2012

Merlin "Merlin"(German sympho, 1984 )

If you like Renassance ,Curved Air,Earth & surely like this album.
Real German symphonic rock gem featuring fantastic crystal female vocal.
They released the second album "Vanish to the Moon" in 1989,but she wasn't there any more....

Side A
1. Picture song (3:26)
2. Utopia (4:08)
3. It Can't Go Wrong (4:29)
4. You Know That ... (2:25)
5. Seven Drinks- (3:06)

Side B
1. Berlin (2:23)
2. Vineta (5:00)
3. Real Good Man (2:32)
4. The Heap (2:21)
5. The Typical Way (3:22)
6. Adventure! (3:31)

Christiane Schwab ....lead vocals,flute
Nikolaus Wolters ....piano,key
Marcus Haase .....all guitars,bass guitar
Christoph Zimmermann....ds.sax

Recorded at Blackfield Studios,West Germany,September,1984



Shige said...

WAVE (lossless)...install JETAUDIO and burn into CD-R


K.L.I.R. said...

Thank you very much for this interesting gem Master Shige.

Shige said...

Thank you very much for the reply always.
I will UL obscure items on and on.
But it takes a lot of time to finish remastering on each album.
Anyway,stay tuned !!!

apps79 said...

a million thanks Shige,was looking for it a while now!!!

PHSStudiosRJ said...


Thank you for sharing


Shige said...


I often visit your blog.
Excellent contents.
Keep on !!!!!

Anonymous said...

Awesome - thanks for wav!

PHSStudiosRJ said...

Hi Shige
The blog you mentioned happens to be the Museo Rosenbach?


Shige said...

>>>Museo Rosenbach

Yes !
I love it .

Anonymous said...

Very Good! Have you "Vanish the Moon"? Thanks!

icastico said...

Shared by the Mighty Owlqaeda.

icastico said...

Edzayawa buy link

nahavanda said...

@icastico thanks a lot mate to remind this one..i was unaware that was posted sometime ago by owlqaeda..
it was in mywishlist for years, gonna order this one soon!

Anonymous said...

The female vocalist is on the later LP "Vanish To The Moon" but her name was Christiane Hasse. On the self-titled 1984 Merlin LP her name was Christiane Schwab. Obviously she must have married the guitar and bass player of the band Marcus Haase. Glad you have the first Merlin posted here because I've wanted it for a long time and also to compare to "Vanish To The Moon" from 1989.

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