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Cosmic Debris - While you're asleep (1983)

The second effort from this obscure prog band is much better than the first, featuring a huge variety of sounds and styles. In fact they abandoned the electronic tendencies of the first album; self-titled 3-7 K; and I think levgan was right on the money with his statement of 'high dynamic' which is applied for the first (and of course only) time to this record. I disagree with some of the more critical comments because I think this is really out and out progressive -- it don't get more prog than this. You will hear Dauneresque free piano solos, melancholy ditties, experimental sounds, odd tempo changes, mashed up chords, everything you need for diverse aural positive praxis. It never ceases to amaze me how different opinions can be in this field, because I can listen to this record a dozen times and still hear something totally new and unexpected in it, but others will state it's only worth one or two. At least they must concede as a concept album this truly succeeds in evoking the dream-state of shifting and drifting sounds and images without repetition or concrete footings.

From the mighty osurec files of course, I'm very grateful we have this rip to get a taste of this music. Tracklists kindly added in comments section. I expect a new rip might surface soon because it's just such a great album -- a fabulous cover painting obviously evoking the dream state. And why exactly do we sleep? Well, surprisingly we don't know, we sleep because we have to -- we die if we are sleep deprived sufficiently long. A very rare inherited syndrome of progressive sleeplessness leading to death is currently being studied to unearth some possible genetic causes. Some of the mysteries are that no compound or factor or process has been found requiring regeneration during the quiescent state despite considerable study, and there is no correlation between sleep duration and metabolism, body size, or cerebral wet weight (through species). So a recent interesting evolutionary theory has it that sleep is simply to double an organism's lifespan -- since all animals are either nocturnal or diurnal, we can conserve energy by becoming inactive temporarily each day when there are no survival chores to be done as in food-seeking or shelter-building. A simple test of the hypothesis would be to study deep-sea fishes to see what their circadian rhythms are. (Perhaps one of the collectors on rym could help us with this.) This is a classic example of science thinking outside the box for solution-seeking... It goes without saying dreaming is even more of a puzzle, pace the Freudian interpretation of dreams as wish-fulfillment, most neuroscientists believe REM dreams are the random actions of a brain busy doing something else biochemically restorative or synapse-adjustment automatic -- but what? well with this record, we can discover what the brain is up to while you're asleep...


Tristan Stefan said...

K.L.I.R. said...

Side A:
1. While You're Asleep
2. Portrait of the Universe as a Thursday Afternoon
3. Bema
4. Matriculation

Side B:
1. Five Minute Attack
2. From the Corner of My Mind, Part 1
3. Spider Barks at Sun
4. From the Corner of my Mind, Part 2
5. The Dance Within
6. Distances
7. Chason de Dennis

Found here:

Adamski said...

Nice DIY stuff - would love to hear more from them :)

Since there are no infos on Discogs here's what their website writes about the record:

"While You're Asleep"

1. While You're Asleep - Richard Bugg
2. Portrait of the Universe as a Thursday Afternoon - Richard Bugg
3. Bema - Dennis Borycki
4. Matriculation - Richard Bugg

1. Five Minute Attack - Dennis Borycki
2. From the Corner of My Mind, part 1 - Richard Bugg
3. Spider Barks at Sun - Dennis Borycki
4. From the Corner of my Mind, part 2 - Richard Bugg
5. The Dance Within - Richard Bugg
6. Distances - Richard Bugg
7. Chason de Dennis - Dennis Borycki

Instrumentation: Richard Bugg (ARP2600, Moog 15b, Flutes), Dennis Borycki (Fender Rhodes, Oberheim FVS, ARP2600), Joel Young (acoustic percussion, drum kit), John Powell (acoustic percussion, vibraphone, marmimba, tabla & drum kit), & Bil Richards (Guitar)

Original Cover Artwork by G.John Dudley

We did our first video at the Oklahoma City Zoo Amphitheatre. It was a live performance and the location recording engineer was Barry Stramp. We shot it on 3/4 in and in the time before MTV about the only place it showed was on the local cable public access channel.

Tristan Stefan said...

thanks for the infos guys I really appreciate the research and track lists

cnjnctvsynth said...

This is terrific. Thanks.

DanP said...

@Adamski, please provide a link to this band's website! My Google search is getting me nowhere, there seem to be several bands of this name, from Eastern Europe to Western US.

DanP said...

Can someone please tell me what country or nation this band is from? Thanks!

Anonymous said...

US band

DanP said...

Thanks Anonymous!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for great album, superb!

Tracked, tagged, split, polished and re-pictured mp3:

DanP said...

thanks Mr. Morgan

Tristan Stefan said...

thanks brother!

Anonymous said...

Awesome, thanks! Beautiful cover art, too.


truthinad said...

They were from Oklahoma City. Richard Bugg was also in teh Arts Council there in the 80s. They played several events, using a full rig of synths and various musicians. It took hours of setup and soundchecking, it seemed, just to get the first luscious notes. I met Richard when he came to my work to hand deliver a cassette tape I requested. He also co-hosted a radio show called "The Open Road" which was similar to "Hearts of Space", but with cure frogs chirping in the background. They also played music by OJAS. Try and find some of THAT stuff if you can. ~truthinad

truthinad said...

Ah, found OJAS, aka Steve McLinn (collaborator with Richard Bugg on the aforementioned radio show, and other projects).

the saucer people said...

There is now a Discogs entry for the second Cosmic Debris album:

With prices starting at £91 it is definitely somewhat of a collectors item (the price in no small way probably reflects its initial surfacing here on PNF!) - links are dead but I found some alternative links a kind (probably Russian) human posted:

I presume its the same rip as originally posted here.

The same kind person also posted the first Cosmic Debris album:

The is the easiest download site to use but best to have an alternative.

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