Monday, May 07, 2012

Dog Watch "Penfriend" (1979,UK,Genesis-style)

Dog Watch "Penfriend" (1979,UK,Genesis-style)

As you know,
there are a lot of bands that have Genesis-style  all over the world.
Dog Watch is one of them.
One of the regular members plays violin and trumpet and it makes this band much interesting and distinct performance from the other Genesis clones.
Almost tracks are also attractive and fantastic !!!!!
Moreover,it is one of the best obscure prog LIVE albums.
We can get excited with the audience in this album.

They released this sole live album as a private press.

 Highly recommended.


side one
1. Discopath ....5:22
2. Man In A Cage .....4:27
3. Captain ....9:06
4. Doughnut On The Pier ....3:41

side two
1. Queen Of The Nile .....5:49
2. Ice Cream Man ....4:55
3. Moments .....5:28
4. Oh Joanna ....6:00

Roy Weard ...vo
Roger Clynn ...g
Nick Sack ...ds
Tony Morley ...b & vo
Linda Kelsey ...key
John Trelawney ...violin,trumpet,vo,flugelhorn,guphonium



Shige said...
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Shige said...
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K.L.I.R. said...

Thank you Master Shige.

Tristan Stefan said...

Quite an incredible find, really obscure, but really good

uros said...

The band sounds just great!
Thanks a lot, Shige, for another excellent unknown band.

Anonymous said...

These sound really good - i'm hearing Van DE Graff Generator and uk 70's new wave as well.


Anonymous said...

shige, any chance you could reup Hiromasa Suzuki - Rock Joint Biwa/Rock Joint Cither?


Anonymous said...

Really nice Blog you have here, lots of obscure stuff. I have been looking for group AWAKE -Dreams made of science and cannot find it anywhere, cd or lp- nothing. Would anyone here have a link ? thanks

isabelbc said...

try here

Anonymous said...

genesis style? mnm i dont think so. gabriel was a great singer!!. i think it is gong style


controller said...

nahavanda or isabelbc, maybe you could share Hiromasa Suzuki - Rock Joint Biwa/Rock Joint Cither?

isabelbc said...

i'm sorry controller, these cds was recently released in Japan

Unknown said...

Thanks Isabelbc for the Awake link, it is not working butI left the blog a message about it. thanks for helping me. :)

Anonymous said...

You might be interested to know the label has now remastered and reissued this release on CD. Bridgehouse records. A worthy cause!! My dad told me tales of seeing this band when he roughed it in London. He said they were absolutely top class live act, and he knew there was an album. I managed to track this down on eBay before he passed away and brought some joy to him to relive the moment, although he said they were much better than this at the Ruskin Arms, in particular Roger's guitar was usually much more prominent. Of course he would have been so pissed and stoned Im surprised he remembers anything. But he remembers the singer Roy Weard always changing costume to fit with the character of the song (Ice Cream Man, Discopath, Captain etc) and big inflatable rafts being passed about during the captain....sounds like they were an incredible band in their day, have learned that members went on to be Roy Weard And The Last Post and there was something of a reunion lately. I have the vinyl sitting in front of me but no deck and wanted to hear this again so nice one on posting it, heres to my old man Russ!! (A)

Shige said...

This album is sold here.

Thank you for telling me about it,anonymous.

Anonymous said...

down? *help*

Anonymous said...

Still cannot find that lp Awake - Dreams made of science.....anyone else have a working link ? Cannot even find the cd or album.


Anonymous said...

Saw the band hundreds of times all over London and the Essex area. From their first line up with Plan B's Dad on vocals (Paul Ballance) to the replacement Roy Weard who took the band to the net level.
Loved seeing them at the Ruskin Arms, Bridge House Canning Town and other well known haunts of the era. Recall their van being trashed at Brixton as well.

Anonymous said...

Try this little video on youtube

Roy Weard said...

Amazing you recall the van being trashed by a couple of skinheads in Brixton. They confronted me in in the toilet and tried to start a fight but something about that mad stage show seemed to make them a little afraid and they backed off when I wouldn't back down to them. They then went outside and slashed our tyres and threw milk bottles at us while we fixed them. Real brave stuff. I had almost forgotten that.

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