Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Sango - Song For/About My Friends (Germany, April 1982)

Exploring more in the private-pressed german files we have here an interesting singer-songwriter-like album with a lady who sounds eerily like Joni Mitchell, Susanne Vogt. That is, Joni in her late seventies era of course along the lines of the Don Juan album. The beautiful Vogt (check out the back photo) is also credited with composition on a few songs and plays acoustic guitar on tracks 1 and 7. Cover and back are very charming drawings credited to Albert. (?)
Titles are arranged by Sango, lyrics by Wolfgang Natus except track 2 by Riemann and 9, lyrics by Wehnhardt and Vogt. Album produced by Rolf Dressler.

Other credits:
Rainer Worm - bass, vocals
Harald Wehnhardt - guitars
Rolf Dressler - piano
Werner Fromm - percussion
Werner Loose - rec. engineer

They produced another very hard to find record brilliantly called '2' in 1983 which is reputed to be more interesting and progressive (despite an oddly low review on rym).

I couldn't resist posting the record label too:

Here's the first track for a taste of Joni's songs-- oops I mean Vogt's singing:


Tristan Stefan said...


Mit said...

Hi,Tristan Stefan.
Thank you very much for sharing this German rarity.Prog+SSW+AOR+Fusion.Very enjoyable !!!
Track1,8,10 are my favorite.I'd like to listen to their 2nd album,too.

Unknown said...

Once again, SUPERB! Thanks again Tristan!

PHSStudiosRJ said...

Thank you Tristan for sharing this beautiful sound!

Calisan said...

Wonderful album and wonderful voice! Remind me Joni Mitchell at her best!
The best discover in this year from PNF! This have to find a CD reissue.

Julian said...

thank you. i love this record everysince a friend played it to me...

Julianryan said...


I threw in the other Sango too along with a reup of this one, in the comments section

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