Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Eddie Henderson - "Realization" [1973] @ 320 (Spacey Jazz Fusion) Kindly submitted by micaus

Just why this album was released on Capricorn Records is hard to understand. The label was set up with the Allman Brothers in mind and also featured Sea Level, Allman keyboardist Chuck Levell's band. This release just is not in the mould and explains why it didn't get much response when at the time.

But it follows a line of ground breaking albums from Herbie Hancock and his then fusion/electronic band. In a trio of albums, Sextant, Crossings and Mwandishi Hancock explored virgin territory with an electronics expert at its core. The whole new direction would not have been possible without Hancock's vision and Dr. Patrick Gleeson's noises. In addition to the Hancock canon, this rich vein of invention produced 2 gems from Henderson and a criminally overlooked masterpiece from Julian Preister, "Love Love". This has recently been re-released on ECM and is an essential purchase.

This is the first of the Henderson albums. A brilliant trumpeter, he only played music as an aside, as he is in fact Dr Henderson, M.D.. Indeed, after a few more albums he returned to doctoring for some years.

The band is a cracker. Hancock on a bank of keyboards, Lenny White & Billy Hart on drums, Buster Williams on bass and Bennie Maupin on wind instruments. Over a big groove, Hancock, Henderson and Maupin solo with the added feature of Gleeson's electronic colours. This is far out and spacey. So much so that this and the other albums referred to have become a source of samples for many a DJ.

This is a brand of fusion that was developed on his second album, Inside Out, which I hope to post soon.

Album, writeup, and scans provided by micaus. Thanks!!

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Rob said...

this is great stuff!
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Excellent!!! Thanks. Definitely for fans of Hancock funk.

naos said...

Thanks! Really really like it. Post the second one soon, please!!!! Thanks!

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Any chance you could repost this? Only have one track and would really like to listen to the rest of this Kosmigroov outing. Thanks

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