Thursday, May 18, 2006

Jerry Goodman & Jan Hammer - "Like Children" [1974] @ 320 (Jazz Fusion Duo) Thanks to micaus for this recommendation and review

In the early 70's fusion was the next big thing, young jazzers with all the chops discovering electricty, volume and audiences. There is no doubt that the bad name fusion garnered at that time flows from the release of what was, quite frankly, rubbish.

There were, however, glaring exceptions, the electric Return To Forever's, "Hymn Of the Seventh Galaxy" and just about anything put out by Weather Report and John Mclaughlin's Mahavishnu Orchestra. From the latter came an intensity not heard before in fusion and one couldn't help be struck by how heavy it all was, this was not music for the faint hearted. McLaughlin was a very hard task master, so it was not a surprise when the first Mahavishnu Orchesta broke up.

Jerry Goodman had been in the jazz-rock band Flock and was already known as a great violinist. After he and Hammer found the mselves unemployed, they turned to the fledgling Nemperor records to record this duo album. It does not have the virtuosity of their former band, and I'm sure that's deliberate, but the range of instruments they play and the compositional strengths make it a lost gem. Hammer takes on the drumming duties and Goodman shows that he's a competent guitarist as well as a violin master. On listening to this again, one realizes that this really is a fine album. Well worth a listen.

Thanks again to micaus for this review and the cover art!

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Anonymous said...

Big thanks for the post. Lost this about 20 years ago. Fantastic stuff


PS said...

Yup Fantastic Stuff .....thanks and thanks for the link , I have reciprocated
Did you catch the mahanavishnu 1971 concert on the BBC4 UK TV last year ..incredible

PS said...

BTW you've got my old blog linked at these days :)

BlackwatchPlaid said...
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Anonymous said...

Yo! Thanks for this great post, man.
I'm an old Flock/Goodman fan but somehow missed out on this one.
One question: Is it possible that the last song is missing? "I Wonder"??? If one is to go by the AMG review there should be a stand-a-lone version of "I Wonder" ...or are threre two versions of this LP?
Thanx again.

micaus said...

Its all there, the last track is in 2 parts, "a) Giving In Gently (b) I Wonder". I wouldn't miss a track!

141743rd said...

Wow, much thanks for this! I have it on vinyl with no way to digitize it on my antiquated computer. It's still out of print as far as I can tell, unlike some of the other Nemperor stuff.

Anonymous said...

amazing stuff : fresh, inventive, lovely : a real dialog between 2" Goodmen"!
Thanks a lot!


Anonymous said...

Link is dead.

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