Friday, May 19, 2006

John Berberian Discography (excellent oriental fusion)

Hello Friends! This is one of the greatest artists to come out of the middle eastern style of ethnic jazz/rock and this is one of the greatest meeting of east and west in a name: John Berberian! Here There are 4 albums of him and his company waiting for your ears. You can click the album covers to download the albums. Remember to support artists/bands that you like to listen by buying their albums. It is also good ethic and respect to musicians and their work. First you may download and listen..then you can buy the original one.It's up to your understanding and economic situation. Anyway I am not an ethical teacher. There are 2 more albums from him and 2 albums that he played as a guest member.i am thinking to share these works in next posts. As usual here is a bit information copy/paste about him:
John Berberian is acknowledged as a master of the oud, the premier stringed instrument in common use within the middle eastern music community. Berberian has commanded the respect of musicians of middle eastern music, worldwide. He has been featured in numerous concerts and dances throughout the United States, Canada and South America. Berberian is known for a series of successful Armenian and Middle Eastern recordings and has recorded with such major companies as: MGM, RCA, Roulette, Verve and Mainstream Records. Berberian's parents were Armenian immigrants that came to America in the early 1920s with a rich musical culture. His father was an accomplished oud player, as well as instrument maker. Oud masters of Armenian, Turkish, Arabic and Greek heritage frequented his family's home.
Berberian worked with apprentice Andre Markarian, who grew up in a home filled with Armenian and Middle Eastern music. As a younger member of the longstanding Armenian community of Massachusetts, Markarian laments, "I sadly watch some of the most beautiful parts of my Armenian culture fade into history. Among these is our traditional musical heritage. With the ever-decreasing number of Armenian instrumental masters, 2000 years of musical richness slips through the fingers of this present generation of Armenian youth."
Berberian and and apprentice Andre Markarian worked on a musical style known as taksim (improvisation), a form deeply rooted in traditional Middle Eastern folk music. Mastering the taksim requires knowledge of modes, proper form and technique.
Happy Listenings :)

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Anonymous said...

Very nice video, looking forward to seeing the whole discography posted :)


Sara said...

Oh wow, I didn't know there were Armenian classic rockers. I'll definitely have to check this out! Thanks!

nahavanda said...
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nahavanda said...

Thank you :)

Tiki-Tim said...

Great Post....These are 4 that I don't have.Thanks for sharing them....

bongolong said...

Interesting video; I've done many gigs with the oudist on the left, John Bilezikjian. John is one of the finest oud players on this, or any other, planet and has many recordings of his own.

It will be fun to check out these records!

camillo said...

Excellent and underrated albums, a revelation for me.
Thanks for sharing them and for the other suggestions that i will check later.

Anonymous said...

my name is carlos and i let do ti the download when you post thsese marvelous records from john berberian.i would like if you will can post again , teh i will apreciate vey much . Congratulions for your magnificent job!thanks

iisan7 said...

Likewise, why not create a torrent or something? I missed the period when these were on rapidshare, and I would love to hear these records.

Anri said...

Hello, I'm a big fan of John Berberian (as I am Armenian myself) and am very disappointed that I missed this great series of posts. All I have of his is Middle Eastern Rock and would love to hear his other albums. Is it possible for you to repost these links? I would be eternally grateful!

Anonymous said...

hi Anri,

Try here

I'll re-up others


Anri said...

Thank you Munju. Picked up two John Berberian lps posted on Record Fiend. Much appreciated!

Vladimir said...

Please, re-post these albums! They are so rare! John Berberian is one of the greates musicians in the world!

isabelbc said...

new links and others albums:

1965 - Tony Scott (with John Berberian)

1967 - Oud Artistry

1967 - Expressions East

1968 - Music And Gibran

1968 - Music of the Middle East

1969 - Middle Eastern Rock

1973 - A Mid Eastern Odyssey

1974 - Ode to an Oud

Enjoy! :o)

Vladimir said...

Man, I cannot believe this!!You are beautiful! Thank you a million times!!!

isabelbc said...

"Collections II" - 200? = Echoes of Armenia - 1976 + The Dance Album - 1978 here

muffinass said...

thanks first of all for the albums - been looking for Ode to an Oud for a while.

any chance anyone could put up the Tony Scott album? (the blogsite listed has dead links, and i tried asking there as well)

also, could someone provide links for the Dance Album?

thanks in advance !

isabelbc said...

Dance Album, try here

muffinass said...

thanks isabelbc, but it says I either don't have permission to access that thread, or it doesn't exist :S

isabelbc said...

hi muffinass,
look here :o)

Anonymous said...

possible re-up? thanx

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