Thursday, May 04, 2006

Idiot Flesh - "Fancy" [1997] @ 224 (Wildly experimental avantgarde)

I wasn't quite sure at first if the 3rd and final official release from San Francisco based Idiot Flesh was quite right for this blog, but then I thought 'why not?' This is my favorite album of theirs, but be warned, it is NOT for the faint of heart. Pushing their quirky and sometimes shocking style even further on this release, they may sound quite heavy and abrasive to some listeners. This is a cacophonous beast at play, guaranteed to send your neighbors rushing to lock their doors and windows. Case-in-point, the track "Teen Devil Worsipper", taken from the actual scrawlings of teenage satanist Jonathan Kintaro, who killed his mother. Although the subject matter is a bit heavy, it is delivered in a catchy manner, almost summoning images of Primus had they had Peter Hammill as a frontman. Any band that can run the gamut from a 10-minute onslaught devilishly deconstructing T.S. Eliot’s “The Waste Land” (“The Straw”) and follow it with a short, sacrilegious satire (“Cheesus [Dance Mix]”) deserves to be heard. Other highlights of the album are brilliant remakes of The Residents' "Bach Is Dead", and Sesame Street's "Welcome to the Neighborhood". The guitar mastery displayed in the song "Drowning" would make any Joe Satriani-head cream, and "Chicken Little" turns into a blinding fusion of Flipper and King Crimson. Idiot Flesh are a group of humor and extremes, as illustrated in the screamingly hilarious "Cheesus," a bogus commercial for "the snack food that dies for you", and their often over-the-top live performances. The large troupe of "onstage cast" members the band brings along on tours generally mingles with the audience, prompting people to join in the festivities. When they're not doing that, the supporting members are juggling fire, dancing, playing an array of instruments, performing puppet shows or helping the on-stage band members get their costumes to inflate on cue. Using instruments in ways not generally noted at concerts (like a bass guitar mounted on its side and played like a percussion instrument, lots of saw blades and other goodies), plus incorporating some rather prominent trombone parts, Idiot Flesh is anything but a generic rock'n'roll band.
Highly Recommended for fans of experimental music.

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