Thursday, May 18, 2006

Indian Summer - "Indian Summer" [1971] @ 192 (Classic UK Progressive Rock) Kindly submitted by masymas

Often named as a classic, this one-shot album of this British group from Coventry shows us the some of the finest progressive rock of this time, with vocals of Bob Jackson and excellent guitar work by Collin Williams. And excellent means: not screaming, but subtle. So often in this period, many groups appeared and disappeared, and Indian Summer was one of them, a pity. Good use of the hammond organ and mellotron, with a touch of blues as well. If you like early Yes, Pink Floyd, or Tomorrow, you will surely enjoy them. Highlights include "God is the Dog" and "Emotions of Men". The artwork is done by Keef, a well known designer in that time... This album needs to be in your prog. collection! 4 stars out of 5.

Much thanks to masymas for submitting this album and review.

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