Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Might Of Coincidence - "The Birth Of Might Of Coincidence" [1971] @192 (swiss folk psyche)

Hi all! After downloading and listening that album, i said wow! Before posting this to blog, i search for the band info, but i could not find any good this time you may not like the copy paste work :) Thanks to Cassandra for advising that band to me..and here is some copy paste: the group recorded and released the album in the UK on the Entropialabel. The music is described as stoned, haunting and with anemphasison flute and bongos."Very dense sound on all six tracks, reaching apeak on the final track "Minima Into Space" with instrumentaldistortion and strange vocals creating an unusual and disturbingsound". It also says it's very similar to Comus...

If you know a good info for the are very welcome to share link on comments i can add info for this great band.

Happy dreamy listenings :)


booblikon said...

again, like COMUS, but not as creepy. thank you for the obscure, enjoyable listen. always love to hear posts with vinyl noise to remind us where the real classics are: on vinyl.

Miss F said...

what a faNtastic album, really loved it... their s0ngs seem to be full of longing&loneliness&resignation and weightY matters, folk songs of the highest order w/ trippy sounds....they s0und like st0ned pr0phets or mystics who've had iLL luck.

really great!!! a fabulOus disc0very in your BLog, thanks a lot for writing entHusiastic comments, that's what inciTed me to download it.

p.s didn't like the last track at all. utterly lacking in coherence, beauty and melody, i think. all the songs are utterly gorgE0us gEms, th0ugh.

nahavanda said...

thanks for your precious comments.. :) keep watching prognotfrog

Anonymous said...

This has been deleted... any chance of a re-post? I thought Rapidshare never deleted files if you're a premium user?

Miss F said...

yeah came back here now to re-download it, I have lost my copy (I saved it in a disc and now can't find it!!!! that was 2 years ago)
really sad. I love this album so much!

isabelbc said...

hello Miss F,




Serena Piccione said...

Wow...Mimina is my mom.. :-P really!
I can't believe my mom's voice is heard by people in other parts of the world! ^_^

giovanni said...

le musiche sono state create nello scantinato di un ristorante a zurigo le registrazioni poi sono state fatte in uno studio a bienne (biel) acb sta per Athos Carlo Barata lo scrittore dei testi le musiche dai cinque componenti del gruppo.

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