Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Aera - "Turkis" {Germany} [1979] (jazz fusion)

Aera from Munich belonged to a group of bands with tight connections to Embryo (others were Missus Beastly, Munju, Real Ax Band, Snowball and some more). Several members of these band frequently exchanged between each others bands during their existence. Not surprisingly they all played a similar and typical musical style, a kind of German fusion/jazz rock with strong sax and flute. Turkis is an album of rather mellow, non-angular yet powerful and richly sounding jazz rock. Fans of European fusion will probably find it delightful [based on GEPR].

The link is to be found in the comments.


Serhiy said...

Link: http://tinyurl.com/2ube5c

Anonymous said...

hello!thx this is great music!
Sithlord from Hungary

fabijoe said...

I like it too, thank you.

kef mi tee said...

thank you

propylaen2001 said...

Great post and you mentioned 2 bands that I'm looking for for ages: Munju and Real Ax Band - do you have anything byx them?


Anonymous said...

hi serhiy,
thanx for this kraut-pearl as well as your Man-posts,that I hope will be continued.
If there is no other way to get Munju for 2001,I got them all and can try to upload and post here if it's ok.

Serhiy said...

Unfortunately, I don't have neither Munju nor Real Ax Band. I'd be happy to post anything by them if the friend who offered his help manages to upload. Please post the link here, in the comments, as I don't have access to PnF mail.

PS: For Man posts we should thankful to ZaXXoN, not to me :-).

ciprian d said...

the best post on your blog. thank you!

Anonymous said...

Hi Serhiy,here it goes with Munju
1977-High Speed Kindergarten

Anonymous said...

1978-Moon You

Anonymous said...

And here's the third of Munju
1980-Brot und Spiele (Bread and Games)
enjoy-next comes soon

Serhiy said...

Hello Friend! Thank you very much for your Munju postings!

Serhiy said...

I was a little bit late to react to the Munju postings properly. Since all three albums appeared at Ezhevika Fields blog yesterday, there is probably no need to post them at PNF at the moment. Anyhow, I am sincerely grateful to the anonymous uploader who shared these excellent titles with all of us.

Anonymous said...

nice kraut-pearl thanx

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