Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Hansson & Karlsson "Man at the moon" {Sweden} [1969] (Jazz-Rock/Fusion/Psych, Organ Driven)

Ok I know that this one allready has been posted on another blog. But I think it would be nice to put all their albums on one site. This is their last studio album and its really good like their other stuff. Good organs an drum stuff from Bo and Janne I hope you will like it.

Bo Hansson Organ
Janne Carlsson Drums, Percussion

Best wishes from Sweden

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Unknown said...

Copy and paste

vincent giard said...


Gathering_Of_The_Tribe said...

Thanks for uploading these great albums the Hammond organ on them is Hudge sound! they sometimes put me in mind of Tony Williams-Lifetime records


c'krit said...

Thanks, we're loving it!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this one. Can't believe that when they finally put H&K out on CD they just made a collection based round the first album not even including both the tracks from their first singel but just one. Thanks to you I now have it all save for the singletrack they left out. Super!


Anonymous said...

Beautiful! Blows my mind, everytime.

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