Monday, June 11, 2007

Futuro Antico - "Dai Primitivi All'elettronica" {Italy} [1980]

"An outstanding raga-like drone lp with a distinctive a cosmic vibe, Futuro Antico was a short living collaboration between Walter maioli (Aktuala) and Riccardo Sinigaglia. I love this album, the alternation between electronic drone, hypnotic passages and the eastern tinged acoustic sections gives the album a very pleasant, intrinsic flow. The synthesis betwwen ancient and electronic music is just perfect, the minimalist repetition with slight changes gives associations of a slow growth, of cyclic process, the persistent repetition gives the listener an opportunity to discover the sounds, to meditate, to go into the music, join the same journey trough ancient, primitive cultures and modern electronic soundscapes." info taken from here. Postmodern authentism. incence ready ,)

Piano Synt..


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Sounds interesting, thanks!

kosmikino said...

Amazing record, it has just been reissued which is where I read about it but unfortunately it seems to just be on vinyl in very limited copies - so fingers crossed for a future CD release.

Obviously the link is long dead but if anyone else stumbles across this post, I did find a rip over here:

Great blog actually, there is so much Italian electronic/experimental/avant-garde music I had no idea existed.

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