Monday, June 04, 2007

Hansson & Karlsson "Rex" {Sweden} [1968] (Jazz-Rock/Fusion/Psych, Organ Driven)

Another request coming up. This one is a little bit crackle cause its from a vinyl rip. And the dude that first did had rip thw whole A side and also included the 2 shorter tracks in that but no worry all songs are their. So I have put the two shorter tracks in the folder if you just want those two.
But anyway this is a live recording and their rarest issue. It is really great and more psycadelic with a lot of muddled parts specialy the long song on the B-side. Whoe are a collage of different songs that have been put together as one long track. Enjoy it!!

Janne Carlsson Drums, Percussion
Bo Hansson Organ

Download link in comments

Best wishes from Sweden


Unknown said...

Copy and paste

Anonymous said...

Good. Very good !
Amazing posts.


Gathering_Of_The_Tribe said...

This is really good,great hammond sound miles ahead of time for 1968


Anonymous said...

The real progressive big bang can be found here... but the new prog kids on the net think otherwise... it must be ELP or Yes or ... bla bla bla

Old farts like me got to know them thanks to Hendrix and man these 2 were miles but miles ahead of the rest... Moody who ? Crimson ? The Nice ?

thanks ! I haven't listened to thses 2 albums in decades !

Anonymous said...

It's amazing such great music with only organ and drums!It's a proof of how great musicians they are.Is their 3rd album(man at the moon)as good as these?
Many thanks.

Anonymous said...

The third album can be found in Ezhevika Fields blog (re-up posts).

mina said...

thank you so much for this, ola! i was just listening to monument yesterday and i haven't even heard of this album... i will really enjoy listening to it at work! (:

c'krit said...

Is Carolus Rex right? Since lists it as Carlous Rex.

Unknown said...

Well you can change name in your folder if you want when you have dld it :P

Anonymous said...

Thank you, very good music!


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