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Hansson & Karlsson "Monument" {Sweden} [1967] (Jazz-Rock/Fusion-Organ driven)

I have noticed some requests so here its one of them.
If you liked Sound Express and Bib Set you most like this. These two guys is the ancestors for all jazz, organ, drum, music that later will become a little bit of a swedish speciality. Who were they then? Janne Carlsson was the drummer that later becomed a famous actor here in Sweden. Bo Hansson that played organ is one of the famoused musicans ever from Sweden. His album "Sagan om ringen" or "Lord of the rings" from 1970 is one of the best selling albums ever from Sweden. And his other albums is also the best ever when it comes to organ music. But back to H&K, their way to play started the progressive era in Sweden. Cause it didnt sound like anything that have been recorded before. It wasen't jazz it wasent rock and not beat it was NEW. The funny is that they were bigger abroad then here in Sweden. Becuse when Jimi Hendrix toured in Sweden they were opening band ant the legend says that he liked there song "Tax Free" so much that he bought the rights for the song. Well in 1969 they disbanded and Bo did his famous solo albums and Janne did more and more acting.

Janne Carlsson Drums, Percussion
Bo Hansson Organ

Richard Lionheart
Tax Free
H.K Theme

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Best wishes from Sweden


Love=Hell, Space=Acid said...

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Anonymous said...

Thanks !
I'm very happy to hear at last this album.


Anonymous said...

Thanks! Keep the great work you are doing.

Anonymous said...

I'm told there are definitely tapes of Jimi jamming with Hansson & Karlsson. The material has never been heard; let's hope it can be issued someday.

c'krit said...

Many thanks. Supposedly he had bought the song for about 80 dollars. I wonder how much money he made with it in the end... :p

NATURE BOY said...

A great request for a great blogger : MOONDOG - H'ART SONGS (Re-post?). Thank you again, me the Nature Boy.

2r prijs said...

The H & K plus Hendrix sessions are over 5 hours of music, there are safely deposited at silence records ..... one day it will happen.

Have the other 2 albums ? my lps are so worn out !

This guys were doing prog years ahead of The nice, Crimson and many others and with over a million albums sold of lord of the rings sure they were an influence to many others , but as always, others take the credit for it....but in reality they were know to many while Yes, ELP and others in 1970 were know to just a few.

true pioneers who deserve more credit.

Love=Hell, Space=Acid said...

I got the album "Monument" and a songle named "P som i pop" the album "Gold" its just a best of so I dont think its so fun to post

quarkboy said...

In response to c'krit, Hendrix's version of "Tax Free" was not released until a few years after he died. I'm not sure, but I believe he had no plans of releasing it, at least not on First Rays of the New Rising Sun, the album he was working on when he died. People made money off the recording, but he didn't.

K said...

Many Thanks -K

Doron Barness said...

Dear ProgNotFrog team,

please reshare this album or other albums by Hannson and Karlsonn.


isabelbc said... :o)

Yellow Jelly said...

1-2-3-4 (later Clouds) played a similar style before they did.

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