Thursday, June 28, 2007

Man - "Back Into The Future" {Wales} [1973] (Rock - Slight Progressive Slant)

Back Into The Future is a decent enough album that was warmly received at it's time of release in 1973.

Deke Leonard had left the Man Band and was touring as Man's support with his excellent Rock outfit Deke Leonard's Iceberg.

Although 'at times' a bit quirky this album features some excellent and different rock tunes.

Perhaps the most progressive are 'Never Say Nups To Nepalese' and 'Aint Their Fight' from side 2 of the original vinyl, which at the time seemed far too short for us guys into Man - We wanted 25+ minutes per side from them!

Deke was replaced live by Tweke Lewis (of Wild Turkey) and Clive John too had left to be replaced on keyboards by ex Eyes Of Blue keyboard player Phil Ryan. Phil Ryan's influence is all over this. I have all the Eyes Of Blue stuff and also the Big Sleep release which I tried twice to upload but unsuccessfully.

Micky Jones is the lead guitar player on most of this, with Terry Williams on drums. I love the Man Band (recalling a gig in Peterlee = North East UK) when they passed joints into the crowd so we could all share in the high they had.

I have almost every release related to this band including radio shows and DVD's - so if anyone has requests - I will try and fulfill.

The LIVE version of C'mon is excellent however, the Jam = Jam Up And Jelly Tight which progreses into Spunk Rock is not as good as the version of Spunk Rock that appears on the Greasy Truckers Party 1 release (when related to the track Spunk Rock - In itself Jam Up And Jelly Tight is a lovely live track - I am biased I was seeing them on at least 3 appearances of every tour between 1971 and 1976). That Spunk Rock is 22 minutes of excellent TWIN GUITAR from Micky and Deke with a real tight backing from Martin Ace and Terry Williams.

This rip has full HQ scans and is 320 throughout.

Feel free to ask for Man related stuff from me. Oh. I am away on holiday for a week. Never mind - I can always control my PC from an internet cafe. . . LOL (Yes - This thing is ALWAYS ON).


ZaXXoN said...

Midnightsun said...

Great album!

Smile67 said...

Thanks! Any MAN albums are appreciated!

Anonymous said...

this one I got already,but would be thankful for more-Do You like it...-2Ozs Of Plasic...-Maximum D.-or maybe a Man Discography?
Wish you a nice Holliday

Dr. Schluss said...

I dig you blog. Please check out mine and link to it if you will:

ZaXXoN said...

I certainly will look forwards to posting some of the Man requested and publishing what I know of Man's discography.

Many thanks for the encouraging comments.

Anonymous said...

Thanx for uploading Man, one of the great unsung bands of the 70´s, and they´re still going !!!
I have a request for Slow Motion as it´s the only one I don´t have.

Saul said...

Thanks! This is one of my favourite's from Man. What a great Welsh band they are!

Anonymous said...

please can you repost as the file is no longer

Anonymous said...

Any Chance Of A Repost Please

Luis said...

Hello. This is my favourite Man album, although all their recording output is at least interesting.

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