Thursday, December 20, 2007

Carolyn Hester "Magazine" {US} 1969 (Acid Folk Psych Fuzz)

Long time no see. Well here we go again this album was a big surprise for me. American folk music use to be pretty lame and very country inspired. This one reminds me of Susan Christie's album, with some heavy parts and parts with dreamy female vocals. But Carolyn albums its a little bit more heavier.
i think that this record could be her 3rd album or something. It is hard to found anything about the album. But the music speaks for it self, enjoy!

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Best wishes from Sweden


Love=Hell, Space=Acid said...

copy the link into your web browser

jd said...

Here's some more info:

hayday said...

Thanks for a post.

I found her official HP.

mina said...

thanks for the post, ola!
i can always trust your uploads. (:

demon said...

wow! i actually love carolyn hester. i think her second album is great and just recently got her tradition album off of ebay. can't wait to listen to this.

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