Thursday, December 27, 2007

The Roundtable - "Spinning Wheel" {UK} [1969] (baroque folk jazz..)

If you like baroque elements mixed with medieval folk, if you believe some of the best music done by bands like New York Rock and Roll Ensemble, then this is for you! Merry Christmas & Happy New Years.

If you like a combination of jazz, folk, baroque, gospel and blues - kind of medieval music with pop influences - injected into eight well-known numbers and performed by a group of superb musicians plyaing such ancient instruments as shawms, crumhorns and regals, then you MUST buy this album. The stars are David Munrow (also on descant recorder) and Chris Hogwood (harpsichord), two highly-respected interpreters of medieval sounds, but the effect achieved when they mix with three flugelhorns, two woodwinds, piano, organ and a driving rhythm section powered by two drummers is quite amazing. You will hardly recognise Laura Nyro's 'Eli's Coming', Lennon & McCartney's 'Michelle', or Blood Sweat And Tears 'Spinning Wheel'. 'Scarborough Fair' and 'This guy's in love with you' are also gems and the arrangements are so complex that it will take you a dozen plays to pick out everything that is going on. It is impossible to describe the beauty or fascinating rhythms on paper. All I can say is that it is one of the finest albums I have ever recommended.(Ilford and Red. Pic., February 11th 1970)

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OMG I fucking love you!!

I have been looking for this for years and suddenly it leaps out of my feedreader!

Thank you

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A couple of nice links for more info on this.

LINK 1: Click on read more for interview and band members as well as photos.

Link 2: Another (similar) interview

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this is music!!!

great album

thanks my friend ; )

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If it is at all possible to repost this it would be most appreciated, been looking for this for a long time!


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i been seaching for this for a long time
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Other Link:

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Fantastic- that last link works! This music is beautiful, thanks so much for posting it.

Alex B said...

This is a masterpiece of real and creative music! Who can be dare to mix baroque and folk music, somewhat dancin´ funk rythms and pysch parts, like this guys? Very pleasant and atmospheric. Real prog-music, without bullshits like limits and " well delimitated musical genres".
Thanks for post it!

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This album is diamond! Respect for the sharing.

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Dead Link.

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