Saturday, December 29, 2007

Huckleberries - "Jigweed" {UK} [1998] (folk bluegrass)

The Huckleberries are a UK Folk band who play a unique style of Bluegrass that really excites me.

The Huckleberries began life in 1996 as a busking duo on the streets of Bournemouth, and has now grown to a five piece band that comprises 5-string Banjo/Mandolin, Fiddle, Guitar, Electric Bass and Drums. The band gather their musical influences from traditional folk, bluegrass, latin, eastern and celtic music and combine this with global dance rhythms and good time stomps! which is proving to have a wide appeal in all sections of the music loving public. In the last few years they have performed at a wide range of festivals and venues around the country which include Glastonbury Festival, Stainsby Folk Festival, Towersey Festival and the Larmer Tree Festival to name a few, as well as receiving wide recognition for their albums 'Reelgrass' and 'Jigweed'. They also recently appeared in the BBC series 'Down to Earth' and their music was featured throughout. The soundtrack C.D from the series is now available which includes material by the band.Below is a clip from the series. (from

"Jigweed" has a Caribbean tinge to it with softer fiddle and slightly more prominent banjo. Wider mix of percussion and bongo rhythmic drums make it more of a varied instrumental album - a 50/50 mix between self penned and traditional. The Huckleberries have built up a huge following from their continued busking in the towns of Southern England. (

01 - Huckleberry Island
02 - Timour the Tartar /Boys of Malin
03 - Lark in the Morning / Last Nights Fun
04 - Apples and Sloes
05 - Feargal o' Hara
06 - Sphynx
07 - Maid Behind the Bar
08 - Sailors Return
09 -TurkeyKnob
10 - Chicken Chaser
11 - Farewell to Erin /Gravel Walk
12 - Pulse
13 - Lost at Sea
14 - Grandad in the Lift

If you want to hear what they sound like all you need do is visit their official website here: Huckleberries Home (be sure to Click on Discography to hear their sound).

If you like Banjo's and Fiddles played with an exciting slant then this one is for you.


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Sorry about the booklet Cover scan - Perhaps I can up that correctly soon.

Έσάρ Σέβεντιουάν said...

One of the most exciting and happy music i have ever have the privilege to listen. Wonderful work, keep upload!

I am progoholic, but i enjoy all those records that made by inspired people who love music!
Thank you!

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Sorry for bothering, but could you please upload the album once more? The Rapidshare links are dead and I'd greatly appreciate the effort. Thank you very much in advance; and this is an amazing blog you have here! Great stuff.

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Any chance of re-upping this great album TIA ;)

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