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Snakes Alive - "Snakes Alive" {Australia} [1974] (prog rock)

After uploading the album, while searching for an info i noticed mysteryposter sent it months ago. I think this album still protects its mystery. searched the net, band name is so common & couldn't find an information..There is a well balance on relax & agression on this album. thanks to hwabian,Miri & pnf room @slsk for tiny critics of the album :) any info welcome.

Snakes Alive - Fruit Pie..



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Another lost classic! Thanks for all the great music.

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Unknown said...

thankyou soooo much

olegditrich said...

hi all names al ditrich im one of the co founders of this band(keyboards) other members are michael vidale-bass-boris peric-guitar-jonas thomas-saxes flutes vocals-colin campbell-trumpet this was at the time the most expensive studio album in oz took 6months to produce and a year to finalise all members went on to bigger and greater things our producer ralph cooper went on to drum for air supply for example the band after this was called stepps another lost album which i was part of i am in awe that this turn up on the net any more info email or broadjam .com/alditrich thank you all im very grateful

Anonymous said...

Hi All , Thanks for the nice comments . Al Ditrich mentioned this post to me . My name is Michael Vidale , I produced this album with help from Ralph Cooper in 1975 in Sydney , Australia but Al and I would like to know who is selling "Snakes Alive" because we never authorised it . Can someone tell us ? In 2000 I spoke with a music store in New Jersey USA that was selling it ... they sourced it from Poorboy Records in Japan ... but how did Poorboy Records get our album ? who know ?
Email me

nahavanda said...

Hello, I was just writting to A thank you e-email to Al Ditrich, and i noticed that comment. The album i sent to the this site is one of my friend's friend vinyl rip. I have no idea about that it was selling. But unfortunately this is a common problem and there are many unathorized reissues around.

In my opinion this album is a real hidden treasure, and needs to be reissued with a good remastering.

here is one of the most respected reissue wishlist in the net for many prog/fusion lovers:

and "snakes alive" also mentioned in this list.hope to see an athorized reissue of this album one day.

We are very happy that you find our tiny home. Regards & All the Best :)

BronDune AKA InsideRock said...

Beautiful LP ! What a perl ! Thanks for sharing that forgotten album.
Thanks to Al Ditrich for his comment and detailed album line-up.

Anonymous said...

Hi from Australia. The Snakes Alive album was a private press album from a Sydney band,released in 1974 on EMI, with a plain blue label. There was no sleeve made up at the time. The album consists of several long Jazz/rock tracks with a high quality of musicianship. In some places the album is a bit like the Lizard album (also from Sydney Australia) though much more rarer. A true lost gem

Katarakty Owsianko said...

Any chances for reposting of this lost treasure? It's not available anywhere else and the RS link is gone.

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