Saturday, December 29, 2007

The Third Eye - "A Tibetan Initiation" {World} [2000] (Folk New Age)

This is slightly different. Sort of New Age World Folk. I have no idea of the country it comes from - I doubt it is Tibet.

Certainly Tibet and Buddhism is the source of The Third Eye and this is also the title of a book published in November 1956. It was written by a British man named Cyril Hoskin (1910-1981) who claimed that his body was occupied by the spirit of a Tibetan monk named Tuesday Lobsang Rampa. It may be an early example of the New Age genre of channeling books. Quite a controversial book apparently. Also the Hindu "Kundalini" is similar to Opening The Third Eye. Although that is based upon Chakras etc.

What this music is for is to assist in opening the Third Eye or possibly just a relaxing sound for meditation.

There are 2 track listings for this (mine is the same as the German one I found) and very little info on the net at all.

The .nfo file that comes with it has the original source. It is interesting.

1 - Karmapa
2 - The Third Eye
3 - The Exorcism
4 - Samye
5 - A Smile Of Buddha
6 - Incarnation


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