Monday, December 10, 2007

It's A Beautiful Day - Today (1973)

Here goes this very hard to find album(at least for me), from the very well known band from the San Francisco Bay Area, i couldn´t find it anywhere so for those who are looking this one enjoy, im not sure if this is the right cover but is the best i could find...Theres no David LaFlamme on this album so there is a different sound, also we can appreciate more the beautiful voice of Pattie Santos and the compositions of Pattie and Bud cockrell.

- Val Fuentes / drums, vocals
- Pattie Santos / percussion, vocals
- Bill Gregory / guitar
- Fred Webb / keyboards, vocals
- Greg Bloch / mandolin, violin
- Bud Cockrell / bass, vocals
- Greg Bloch / horn



Hombre Esquizoide del Siglo XXI said...



kwa said...


Thanks for this post.

As for the original cover, the "background" of the one you posted is indeed the original one.

I have a french book on psychedelia with a better copy of cover, so I can scan it if nobody else has a better image.

My book also says that there is a participation on this LP of guitarist David Jenkins (later forming group "Pablo Cruise")

Peter Hammill said...

Hello, Good People.....

PLEASE, PLEASE re-post this true gem.......

This link is quite DEAD!!!!

I've been waiting for this post for years......but this album is very hard to in's just impossible!!!!!

So make my dream come true and IOU for life!!!!

Good Vibrations for You...

Peter Hammill

Peter Hammill said...

Hello Good People....

Forgive me... my last pc was cracked.....I was wrong....

The link works forget all I've been said before....

Good Vibrations for you!!!!

THanx for this true gem!!!!

Peter Hammill.

Henry Chinaski said...

hey peter, the link is alive i checked out myself ;)

try again


Anonymous said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you!
A school-mate gave me this album in the seventies and I recorded it on reel-to-reel. The first half of the tape was Sabbath´s Paranoid, so I listened quite often. It´s A Beautiful Day was the perfect antithesis to Black Sabbath and I liked this album a lot. In fact I like it better than the all too pretentious, well-known first LP.
While the tape wore out and the transfer to cassette and then CDR didn´t make it sound better, I was searching all my life for a real copy of the LP - nowhere to be found.
Why don´t the suckers of CBS/Sony reissue that thing?

Gumby said...


I've just started my own blog, called FinnArctic. Finnish music, at the time there's mainly proggy stuff there, but there will be postings covering other genres as well. Check it out if you're interested.


mike-floyd said...

This one is REALLY pretty hard to find!

Anonymous said...

Please!Choice quality stuff?

mathalaa said...

thank you very much for this. Greatly appreciate this man. IOU

Anonymous said...

.......thanks a lot for this rarity.
If someone got the original cover as large as possible please share it with us.
Thanks again.......

Anonymous said...

really nice share on what amounts to something of a collector's item. :)

however i do not believe David Jenkins participated in the actual recording of this project, and he is certainly not listed in any of the officially published credits. as far as i know, Bill Gregory was still doing the guitar licks for IABD on this release.

there is a chance, however, that Jenkins participated (albeit briefly) in the concert tour that followed the album's release, before joining the departing Bud Cockrell and Stoneground bandmates Cory Lerios and Steve Price later in the year to form Pablo Cruise.

Anonymous said...

I´ve looked for this Album since Years (was it 28 years oder 32 - I don´t remember...)

So, I thank you veeeeeery much for your posting!

saludos: Robb

Anonymous said...

pm steve.thehealer@yahoo if you want this

Electric_warrior said...

Hi Friends¡¡
Could you Re-upload this link....THANKS¡¡¡¡

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