Thursday, May 29, 2008

Alfonso Noel Lovo - "Terremoto Richter 6-25 Managua" {Nicaragua} [1973]

Alfonso Noel Lovo is a musician, that appeared at Nicaraguan scene in early 70s, other than that we got this nice album. No info, no coverart around. This album is a variety and good mix of several genres funk to jazz; magic mushrooms to nicaraguan blues. A hidden treasure for eclectic tastes. Any information welcome.

Obertura & Back to Africa..

Our thanks goes to jazzyjones :) and for scans thanks to Alfonso Noel Lovo!!!


nahavanda said...

Henry Chinaski said...

interesting...good to see some music of my beloved 2nd country thanks naha


Alfonso said...

Hello: I'm Alfonso Lovo, and I'm happy to read the comments about my music. I will send a picture of the front and back cover.

I will release another collection recorded with Chepito Areas from Santana, in New Orleans, soon featuring La Gigantona a rithm form my native Leon, Nicaragua that is really hot.

Thanks again enjoying my work,this is really a thrill.

Alfonso N Lovo

Ricsi said...

Hello Alfonso N Lovo
I dont know how to start that comment. Im so happy you contacted us. 3 hours browsed the net for informations about you, found nothing just one page where some Nicaraguyan 50 years old teachers told some words about good musicians from his country that was all nothing more was able to find. If you please can contact me on my mail: or you will tell me my mail it will be a pleasure for me to spoke with so good musician as you

Many Thanks

Alfonso said...

Hello: This is Alfonso again. Thank you for your comments. I Have a copy of the front and back cover. But I dont know how to send it for showing in this website. You could check in wikipedia in spanish in Cantautores Nicaraguenses, someone wrote about me. My email is

Lizzie said...

Hola, Alfonso, me contaron que vinieron a visitarme aqui a El Salvador hace unos 4 años y lastimosamente no nos pudimos ver. Todavía guardamos tu disco Terremoto. Buenísimo. Quisiera contactarme con uds, para saludarlos. Mi correo es
Saludos a todos por tu casa.
Lizzie de Chacón

Alfonso said...

Hello, This is Alfonso Lovo, I am releasing an album with Chepito Areas from the original Santana Band, in percussion. It will be in the market in December. Gracias a Lizzie por su mensaje.

Alfonso said...

Hello to all vistors to this site. I am sending a Video of my historic activities in the 80's in US TV.


Is possible ReUp ?

Calisan said...

Hi buddy! Long time ago download this wonderful album from here but I want to now where can I get the scans?

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