Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Hotzenplotz (Kraut Polit-Rock - 1971)

You know Floh de Cologne, don't you?
Well, they're just the tip of the iceberg, as there were plenty of polit-krautrock groups in Germany during the Seventies, many of them as politically radical as musically creative.
Among them one of the best and most elusive were Hotzenplotz from Stuttgart, whose only lp "Songs aus der Show" dates from 1971 and is a real psychedelic treat.

Opening Bleibt Cool Freunde

DL link in comments.


fildiferro said...

download link:

Anonymous said...

Thank very much!!!Alan

Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot for the upload m8 but... there are tracks missing. In the .rar there are only 7 tracks out of 12
Thanks anyway :D

jd said...

Previous comment is partly correct. Here is the LP track list from RateYourMusic:

A1 Opening 1:04
A2 Bleibt cool Freunde 3:54
A3 Wenn du mal echt auf der Rolle hängst 2:36
A4 Ihr braucht uns 4:27
A5 Daumen drauf, Fresse halten 2:34
A6 Freies Stück 2:53
B1 Der Kapitalist, dein Feind 4:10
B2 Schlag auf 12:05
B3 Hey Boss 4:04
B4 Armes Unternehmerlein 1:44
B5 Lehrlinge, Schüler schliesst euch zusammen 2:33
B6 Um autonome Menschen zu sein 3:41

Mp3 track 1 seems to be A1+A2 (4:59).
Mp3 track 2 is 2:34, so it must be A3.
Mp3 track 3 is 6:59, which makes it A4+A5.
Mp3 track 4 is 3:00, probably A6.
Mp3 track 5 is 6:22, which doesn't fit anything.
Mp3 track 6 is 12:03, so it must be B2.
Mp3 track 7 is 0:11 - don't know what this is.

I'm thinking of listening carefully to the mp3 tracks to see if it's possible to split them to match the original LP tracks. If there are no gaps, it won't work, of course.

Anonymous said...

Maybe a little help for finding the right tracks.

I'll agree with jd for tracks 1 - 4.
Mp3 track 5 seems to be:
B1 (4:10) and something else. Something instrumental. It could be B2 (2:02) but then isn't B2 12:05.
Mp3 track 6 seems to be:
B3 (4:04) and B4 (1:44) and B5 (2:33) and B6 (3:41).
Mp3 track 7 is nothing.
I'm making this separation on the lyrics. Looking at the duration of B2, I think that can't be 12:05. Rather 2;05.
So it could be:
track 5:
B1 (Dein Feind, der Kapitalist) + B2 (Schlag auf)
track 6:
B3 (Hey Boss) + B4 (Armes Unternehmerlein) + B5 (Lehrlinge, Schüler schliesst euch zusammen) + B6 (Um autonome Menschen zu sein)


Anonymous said...

The thing about track B2 is, that it's not called ''Schlag auf'', but ''Schlag auf 1''. There is just a typo in the track list. So the original running time is 2:05.

Anonymous said...

Mn can u repost in lossless mode lvl 8 at 1024 kbps

Anonymous said...

exelenteee lo mejor que se puede escuchar de krautrock me e enamorado

Anonymous said...

any chance for a reup? thanks

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