Saturday, May 17, 2008

Michel Zacha - Inutile (1977 French Pop Folk Rock)

French pop folk rock album by Michel Zacha. Its his third album. Cant say more just you must try it and then you will know what is it

Viens dans mon esprit

A Big thanks for ripping and scanning to GILLES


Ricsi said...

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Hi, guys!

MICHEL ZACHA once took part to HAIR and SUPERSTAR; he signed on PATHE MARCONI and released 3 LP's ("La Nuit des cigales", "Le Vol d'Icare" and "Inutile", three albums set as a trilogy) between 1973 and 1977. He recorded with the finest French musicians in the jazz/songwriting/progressive music area, such as BERNARD LUBAT and JEAN-PIERRE ALARCEN.

Thanks, GILLES for this unexpected rip!

All the best!


Ricsi said...

Hi Armute
Yes a big thanks to my friend Gilles

I heard all three Michel Zacha albums and his second is best i think, do you want them?

Max said...

Thanks--great record. I'd love to hear the others.

isabelbc said...

fresh link

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