Friday, May 09, 2008

Whitsuntide Easter "Next Time You Play A Wrong Note ... Make It A Short One" {Holland} [1977] (Acid folk psych, progressive)

Dutch heavy acid folk monster that’s hands down the best lp on this great UK label. Often compared to obscure Euro folk/psych bands like Trees, Carol Of Harvest and Spriguns, but Whitsuntide Easter also has a strong progressive angle as well as an occasional hint of jazz fusion. Creative penetrating male/female vocal harmonies add a surreal depth to the project. ‘Transitory’ and ‘ICU’ are intensely beautiful songs that fall into the fragile hypnotic folk category, with delicate vocals and shimmering acoustic guitar. Same goes for the mesmerizing ‘She’ which includes some stylish fuzz guitar. It’s the kind of sound that UK collectors have gone bonkers over, translating into big bucks on the international scene (copies of this lp have been spotted at $500 and more!). The folkrocker ‘Hills’ has some eerie phased vocals, while the bluesy acoustic ‘Psalm 355’ shifts midway to deliver some blaring loud guitar leads. Also rocking with substance are ‘New World’ and ‘Words’, both with that psychy underground electric quality and jazz-rock touches. ‘Coming Of The Messiah’ is an interesting hard rocker, recounting a misled vision that Christ would return on a certain airplane flight. Admitting their deception at the end they warn “he won’t come on Flight 001, but be ready when he comes”. Attractive flute work on a couple of these songs. Housed in a handsome gatefold cover with lyrics and band photos. The front cover says “Next time you play a wrong note”, continued on the back with “make it a short one” (the label and spine just say Whitsuntide Easter).

Psalm 355

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thanks for the post!! i would also like a request for trifle - first meeting

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Great! Thanks a lot!

fabio said...

I've read about this band in the "Enciclopedia do Rock Progressivo"(Leonardo Nahoum, Brasil 1994)and since then was curious about this hard to find record.And it's an excellent surprise, very good music!


Congratulations for your work are obvious.
Maybe you'd like to see this one, and maybe you could consider a link exchange.

Aguar said...

Felicidades por tu blog, desde España un saludo.

mina said...

"Congratulations for your work are obvious.
Maybe you'd like to see this one, and maybe you could consider a link exchange."

i'm not sure what this guy means, care to elaborate?

anyway thanks for this, a good album.

jaf said...

i can't download it, what is this site the link sends me? everything is confuse, help! help!


Fabio Rafael said...

Die gewünschte Datei Whitsuntide_Eas…nster___vbr.rar wurde nicht gefunden …

There's a problem with the link...

Anyway, congratulations for this GREAT Blog.
I get surpised everyday i see the new posts.

Greetings from Brazil.

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dead link.

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