Saturday, May 17, 2008

Seven Ages of Man - Seven Ages of Man (1972 UK Jazz-Rock)

Very nice effort by that UK jazz-Rock band with an very nice artwork

The Age of Conception

Big Thanks to Antony


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Hello, i would like to ask a great favor to Prog Not Frog, my old progshine.blogspot doesn't existe anymore, now i have a site in with news, discography informations, interviews etc, if you guys put my adress in PNF I would appreciate so much :)

Thanks again, and, anything

Thanks again for the great job you're doing here

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Hey, since progshine asked a favor, I'd like to ask one too. (BTW, his blog was great when it was around.)

Anyhow, please, please, please, post the first Flash album!!

I can't find it anywhere!!

costan said...

You can find Flash album on my blog.

Has anyone have the tracklist for the Seven Ages of Man album?

Ingsoc said...

As requested:

1. The Age of Conception
2. The Age of Birth & Early Childhood
3. The Age of Youth
4. The Age of Adolescence Part 1
5. The Age of Adolescence Part 2
6. The Age of Middle Age
7. The Age of the Elderly
8. The Age of Death & Beyond

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dead link.

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new link

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