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Baris Manço - "Daglar Daglar" {Turkey} [1970]

Today is the tenth anniversary of his death.

Merhaba. Baris Manço was one of the most influential Turkish
musicians of all times. In his early career he and his bands contributed to the Anatolian rock movement by combining traditional Turkish music with rock influences, which is still one of the main trends of Turkish popular music.
His visual image characterised by his long hair, mustache and big rings softened the reaction of otherwise conservative Turkish public opinion regarding the marginal visual appearances.
His experimentation with electronic instruments in the late 1980s contributed to the 1990s sound of Turkish popular music.
His lyrics with diverse themes, mostly following a somewhat modernized version of the "asik" (wandering folk poets) tradition were heavily marginal in the popular music scene...

Baris Manço (also spelt Baris Mancho in some European album releases) (January 2, 1943 - February 1, 1999) was a Turkish singer, composer, television producer and celebrity. He composed about 200 songs, some of which were translated into a variety of languages including English, Japanese, Greek, Bulgarian, Romanian, Persian and Arabic. He was, and still is, one of the most beloved public figures of Turkey. more here:

Iyi pazarlar ;
Ma'nin Tinisi ve Terra Incognita bu haftaki programlarini 10. ölüm yildönümü sebebiyle Baris Manço'ya ayirdik. Sabah Ma'nin Tinisinda 60'lardan 1976 dek tarihsel sira ile nadir 45liklerinden ve albümlerinde gözardi edilen parçalarindan örnekler çaldik. Terra Incognita'da ise 1979'daki Yeni bir gün ile baslayan ve 1985'teki 24 Ayar albümüne kadar süren 4 albümlük bir bölüm yeralacak.
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Ma'nin Tinisi and Terra Incognita's homage to Baris Manço. Today is the tenth anniversary of his death. We remembered his early days at "Ma'nin Tinisi". We'll continue his glory days from his great 1979 album "Yeni Bir Gün" till his last good album with "real" Kurtalan Ekspres 1985's "24 Ayar"

01 Daglar Daglar
02 Derule
03 Kagizman
04 Seher vakti
05 Katip arzuhalim
06 Unutamiyorum
07 Anadolu
08 Bin boganin kizi
09 Iste hendek, iste deve
10 Ay osman
11 Kol dugmeleri
12 Kirpiklerin ok eyle
13 Aglama degmez hayata

01 Daglar Daglar ...
02 Derule ...
12 Kirpiklerin Ok Eyle ...

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WARNING: not even a proto-prog, just plain Turkish folk with classical/psych-rock touches.

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Thanks Isabel !!! Very very thanks to promote Baris's legacy ...

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anonymous: there's no need to issue a warning. the poster has provided song samples so people can listen and decide on their own. so don't be a zealot.

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it's obvious the guy issuing the warning is a racist.he can't accept the fact that turks know how to rock in their own style.the internet is full of these type of jerks who always want to put down anything that has to do with turkish you anonymous i say on your bike wanker.

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