Thursday, February 12, 2009

Shusha - "Love Songs & Mystic Chants" {Iran} [1971] (trad. folk)

If you like good female vocal, if you like ancient background created with traditional instruments, then this one is for you, become one of my fav. she also has an interesting life story behind. bear in mind, this is a vinyl rip (out of print cd reissue can be seldomly seen here and there)

"Most people remember Shusha reaching international fame in 1977. She was another Iranian female artist besides Pari Samar who had gained the respect of critics and fans alike. I was lucky enough to find "Persian Love Songs and Mystic Chants" CD in San Francisco in 1992 and have not seen it anywhere else. Hope everyone will enjoy her beautiful voice (with Duncan Lamont playing the flute and Behboudi on zarb). From the cover: This recording, dedicated entirely to her Persian roots, captures a performance of exquisitely beautiful songs of love, betrothal, separation and mystical wisdom, sung in the intimate and sensitive style that has made Shusha an internationally known performer. These are songs of deep, heartfelt, sincerity and unpretentious subtlety, that transcend all cultural of national boundaries, touching the listener's spirit. Bask in the richness of the flute and Zarb accompaniment and immerse yourself in the cool, soothing timber of Shusha's voice." more here

the loR yoUth..
tHe wheaT FloweR..



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Very wonderful post that means music don't have borders. It's also an opening to other cultures and attempt to demolish any form of racism. The only artist i knew from Iran is the band Revival. Was there another seventies group or artist that fuse traditional persian folk with avantgarde music?

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