Thursday, February 12, 2009

Mariner - "Two (The Ancient Mariner)" {Japan} [1980] (hard/heavy rock)

I remember the day Bert's (mountainhigh) suggestion for the Japanese band Strawberry Path years ago. That was the first album that i tasted from Japan and it was extremely nice mix of blues hard rock and prog. (thanks Bert!) Perhaps that is the reason when i meet with a new collector friend i always ask, "Are there any hidden hard rock for me from Japan?" A few months ago Chicoppe sent Ginbae to pnfforum, and munju pass it to blog. Make me busy and happy sometime. A few weeks ago, an email came from a good soul, with the link of this band, Mariner. This is Mariner's second album that has good musicianship to put a smile to the faces of hard'n heavy lovers. Not sure but as i know this band has connections with other Japanese band Murasaki. Cover(art) is not my type, but i may tell inside is way better. The first album is available here and there, which is also enough good not to be forgotten.  Well some google translated info here

FoR WhOM The BeLL ToLLs..



nahavanda said...

Rodrigo said...

Thanks! :D!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the great post!
does anyone happen to have the 1st Mariner record?
Mariner - One - 1978
I've seen it posted in the forum but dead links :(

Also, Murasaki LP has dead links anybody can re-upload.. i'm enjoying this Japanese Hard prog scene!

thanks so much in advance!

Anonymous said...

New link: Mariner - One - 1978


Anonymous said...

new link Murasaki ->

Unknown said...

Does anyone know what happened to the guitarist? I used to be in a band with him after he was in Mariner - while serving in the USAF on Okinawa Japan, Glenn (Forbes?)formed a band and we toured the military bases on the island - I was drumming. I'd love to get ahold of Glenn, and our other band members - been searching for them for 29 years now!! Dan Fisher on Keys, but I forgot the other band members names. The guitarist on the Mariner II album cover is the man - I was only 19 years old when I left Granada Hills, CA and joined the Air Force and found myself in Okinawa circa 1980. I was dying out there in the military - playing drums really helped. My email address is Our band was called "Bomber". Hope to hear from any band members! Larry

k_kase said...

Hello from Japan.
The band "Mariner" was known in Japan, keyboard player George Murasaki's new band, after his band "MURASAKI" was departed. MURASAKI was very famous in Japan, as Deep Purple style hard rock band from Okinawa island in Japan. Sometime MURASAKI played Deep Purple songs on their stage. Japanese word MURASAKI means 'purple'.
I saw Mariner live show in 1980, in Okinawa in Japan. I thought that the band was so near to Rainbow, and I much laughed.

Anonymous said...

Hello, please is possible to re-upload Mariner-Two link? Many thanks

isabelbc said...

new link

Anonymous said...

A lot of thanks, Isabel, I was ages after this one!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks, thanks, thanks!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

great blog, great music! Does anybody have the two Eastern Orbit lps? They seem nowhere to be found... Hanx from Italy

Anonymous said...

Hello! Can anyone re-upload links to two Mariner albums? Thanks in advance!

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