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Piirpauke - Piirpauke 2 {Finland} [1976]

Piirpauke was founded by Sakari Kukko in 1974, and it's one of the foremost world music groups in Finland. Since 1975 the band has released 24 albums, mixing world music with jazz and often incorporated foreign musicians in its lineup.
01. Laulu (Song) Old traditional from Eastern Karelia
02. Sirtos Greek dance from the Rumeli district - the rhythm is called kalamatiano
03. Fyssouni Greek dance tune from the Epirus (or Ipiros) district, the rhythm is called karsilamas
04. Prazider Adeus (Sanon hyvästi) (I Say Goodbye) Brazilian melody composed by Edu Lobo
05. Agjek Improvised melody
06. Peäldoaivi Improvised melody
07. Penang Parts 1 & 2 Composed by Antti Hytti and Sakari Kukko, dedicated to the fight for the black people's rights in South Africa
08. Imala Maika Composed by D. Janev and K. Stefanov, after Bulgarian folk tradition


-Sakari Kukko: saxophone, piano, woodwind, percussions, gopijantra, bells, finger cymbals, flute, vocals
-Hasse Walli: guitar, cymbals, tambourine, bells, finger cymbals, maracas, vocals
-Antti Hytti: bass, finger cymbals, katzango, gong, Indian harmonium, vocals
-Jukka Wasama: drums, gopijantra, gong, percussions, vocals

03 Fyssouni
08 ImalaMaika

Piirpauke (1st)

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