Thursday, February 12, 2009

Graced Lightning - "The Graced Lightning Side" {USA} [1975] (prog)

Well i couldnt find information for this mysterious band, one sided 18 minutes record, consists of 3 tracks. Recorded late spring 75 in Illinois. After listening the album you may say; 'wish it was more long!'. A hidden treasure quickly become one of my fav. Line Up: Gary Gand - Lead and Rhythm Guitar, Bass..Chris herman - Lead and Rhythm Guitar, Bass..Joan Burnstein - Piano Synthesizer Electric Mandolin, voice..George Edward - Drums, Vibes, Thunder Sheet, Bird, Voice, Chimes, Percussion

Graced LightNiNg Side..

Thanks to osurec for the rip :)


nahavanda said...

Anonymous said...

I like it ! vERY GOOD instrumental parts ! Why didn 't post it in 256 or 320 kbps for a better dynamic ?


Gand said...

Hi - we just found this posting - we are two of the original members. This record is so rare, we don't even have a copy! Thanks for posting it. We have are still playing, more rock and blues now, so check us out at or
Joan and Gary Gand, keyboards and guitar with Graced Lightning

KC said...

I'm very happy to meet, you, I've got my copy of the record in Belgium in late '90s, and immediately I've loved it.
If you have other recordings of the same level please let us know.
Thanx again for your music

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:D said...

whoaaa! this sounds so good!

thanks a lot!

and yes I "wish it was longer"!

Chris Herman said...

Hey to Gary and Joan...I am yet a third member, Chris Herman, on this record. This was recorded in an odd studio in Pekin Illinois...more or less in the middle of a cornfield. I don't remember why we only put 3 tracks on it (other than the cost of recording)...since we had an abundance of material. Chris Wren just sent this to me. Sadly, the playback is disabled on my computer...I'd love to hear it again.
Since recording is so cheap these days, we should do another!

Anonymous said...

The last track is amazing

Oz said...

This is awesome. I have searched the net for recordings of Grace Lighting for years. Finally found the cuts from this abbreviated album on YouTube

I was a HUGE fan of this band in the early 70s. Saw them live many times. Gary is now a major music dealer, but as I recall at the time his parents owned a store and he was able to get the best equipment, including the LP guitars and the Moog. He's always pushed the latest and greatest tech, selling synths and performance computers way before they were common. The big Moog with all the patch cords hanging off it was a real curiosity. Joan was hot.. lol.. Still is, from what I can tell.. ;)

I knew the drummer in this band somewhat through a friend, but his name escapes me. He was not the drummer on this album, I believe. I would have seen them around 1973 or 74 at the latest.

Graced Lightning played clubs and college coffeehouses around the north suburbs of Chicago. At least that's where I saw them. They probably played around the region. Their artistry is apparent on the recording, but what I remember especially is the great screaming dual leads that Gary and Chris would do with Joan doing the bass on the Moog. Really complex Zappa-esque shreds. I remember a great tune in 10 meter (3-3-2-2). Everything they did was tight, precise. Imagine Jack Bruce, Eric Clapton and Frank Zappa jamming their brains out.

I dearly wish there were more recordings of this band available. My brother had a band of similar vintage that did some recording but never released anything. He still had the tapes and after blogging about it was contacted by a specialist publisher from Germany. They released two albums on audiophile vinyl and then on CD. Still available on Amazon.

-Dwight Newton:

Sadness said...

link is dead.. any chance of a re-up
many thanks to all
have a great xmas and 2011

isabelbc said...

new link

hi Sadness,

great xmas and 2011 for you and family!


Isabel :o)

-- MrJM said...

There's more info here:

-- MrJM

Anonymous said...

this has been deleted again. Any chance of a re-up please?

isabelbc said...

new link

Anonymous said...

Thanks isabelbc! That was a quick response, and I've downloaded it now :-)

Ron Groen said...

I just found this post and want to comment that I have an original, Chris Herman autographed, copy of this EP in my collection. This EP was a personal copy belonging to Rick Nielsen of Cheap Trick that I purchased from his parents' home in Rockford, IL.

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