Saturday, November 12, 2011

Francois Wertheimer

With Jean-Michel Jarre , comrade of the Lycée Michelet in Vanves , Francois Wertheimer begins music professionally. At the age of 19, he wrote and staged the musical . He released his first album in 1970 before going on tour opening for Johnny Hallyday . Alongside his music career (two more albums followed, the 45 towers, and numerous musical performances: Troupe John Lackland , Popéracosmic (1967) , Gomina , Magic Story , "The Flying Opera "...), he multiplies activities: mime , comedy , circus , music for ballet , directed short films for the ORTF , the development of numbers magic with Dominique Webb , creating a line of ready-to-wear , towards a recording studio , record production, or writing a novel , or City Barjo * Chronicles of a new barbarism . In 1973 , he wrote also to Barbara , where he was the lover, all the texts of his album The Wolf , whose song Marienbad .

In 1982 , he created with his partner, a production company and event-driven , Zygote , for which he blends his many talents. Therefore, it leaves its dormant career singer to concentrate on his business , now specializing in the production of stereoscopic films . In addition to the development of a new technique of virtual reality, the "Ectoplasmovision," he continues his production work, writing, composition , and of arrangements of music, including the films of Agnes Varda . For the record, François Wertheimer also holds roles in two films of the latter: One sings, the other not , and The Gleaners and Glaneuse (films which he also participated in the music ). He is currently working on a new form of entertainment all virtual. His long experience relief images make it one of the most popular stereographers the moment.

Well I gotta say, with the google translator, this guy sounds even more groovy than in the original bio. I love the html on the word "music" I think all social scientists and neurologists are completely flummoxed by the purpose of music in the human brain and in evolutionary theory -- is it just me or is that translation service absolutely the most fun you can have on the internet these days?

I've included two albums, the self-titled one with the really wacky lsd-inspired cover with 3 eiffel towers which makes it a masterpiece, and 'fermez les yeux' more composed in the chansonier style, actually in my opinion a little more subdued and bland

Si un jour

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