Friday, November 11, 2011

沖浩一(Koichi Oki) 『四季』"Shiki"(1974,Japan, prog jazz rock)

original edition (1974)
沖浩一 (Koichi Oki)  『四季』"Shiki"(1974,Japan, prog jazz rock)

second edition (release year ?)

沖浩一(Koichi Oki) is a very famous electone player in Japan since 1970s.And he also was an electone proffesor in a musical college during recent years .
He released various type of records and CDs ever.
One of the albums that prog fans are interested in is this album "四季"(Shiki=the four seasons,1974).
As you know ,Le quattro stagioni(1725)(The Four Seasons)is a very famous classical music by Antonio Lucio Vivaldi.
Oki arranged it and played as trio style(with giutar and drums).
As the result,it became a very thrilling ,exciting prog jazz rock.
Especially,if you are the fan of Keith Emerson, you will surely like this album. Enjoy !!!


沖 浩一 Koichi Oki ....Electone,Arp synthesizer
石川 晶 Akira Ishikawa.....Drums
矢島 賢 Ken Yajima.....Guitar

1.Spring pt1,pt2,pt3
2.Summer pt1,pt2,pt3
1.Autumn pt1,pt2,pt3
2.Winter pt1,pt2,pt3

ripped from original LP.
Equipments I used are....
turntable....DENON DP-47F
CD recorder....Pioneer PDR-D5
phono equalizer...ONKYO PE-155
stereo graphic qualizer....Technics SH-8075
sazanami......scratch noise remover(PC software)
sound engine .....PC software to change the sound quality of WAVE files.

You can see his discography on this site.
Many of his albums might be moody instrumental electone music,....not prog.

Summer pt1  (remixed version)


Shige said...

original wave

original mp3

remixed wave

remixed mp3

Remixed files...incleasing bass sound and shorten between tracks.

The original file's name of WAVE is named as "Remix",however,not remix..just a mistake,sorry.

K.L.I.R. said...

Master Shige is on a roll !!! Yet another fantastic album from the great land of the rising sun. Thank you very much.

Shige said...

I knew the meaning of "on a roll" for the first time now.I can study English thanks to you ^^)
Next my UL will be "Osorezan" by Minoru Muraoka.
He is famous for the album "Bamboo".Wait !

Tristan Stefan said...

on a roll and on fire, master shige! keep it up and thanks from t. s.

Anonymous said...

Thanks very much for this, another thing I didn't know existed :-)
Personally I found the remixed version to be too bassy, going to check out the un-remixed version now.

Michael said...

Thank you !
So great and fun versions of Vivaldi music

Anonymous said...

I think that it's 1972 not 1974. Its catalogue number is SOLJ-34. On the same "electromaniax" site you can find albums of Yuri Nishimura:
As you can see there the albums with numbers SOLJ-26 and SOLJ-48 both were issued in 1972 (you also can find around the web some other releases of SOLJ-series by CBS Sony; SOLJ-1 was issued in 1972 as well and late numbers in 1973). It's obvious that SOLJ-34 was issued between SOLJ-26 and SOLJ-48 in 1972. Second edition was in 1978.

Vinushka said...

Spectacular album. Ran into this post today while searching for Koichi Oki, and wanted to spread the love, for how good this is. Really makes you appreciate the sound of the electone.

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